X Ray Sensors

Video Dental has the absolute best x ray sensors available today for the dental industry.  Perfectly Planned.  Perfectly Designed.  Perfect for any dental practice that wants to save time and money.  These x ray sensors have the fastest imaging render time to viewing screen, less than 3 seconds.  The old saying that time equals money has never held truer than in a hurried and fast paced dentist office.  Utilizing the latest in dental technological advances allows your dental practice to easily serve a higher volume of patients.  Peak rush periods such as the starting of a school year and holidays can be handled much more efficiently.  
Video Dental manufacturers the highest quality x ray sensors that are designed to meet the needs for dental practices of all sizes.  The combination of superior dental imaging, user friendly design with a tough as nails construction along with a lower cost plus a longer than standard warranty make them the ideal choice for any dentist.  Video Dental x ray sensors are developed with input and guidance from leading dental radiologists and industry leaders from within the dentistry field.
x-ray-sensorsVideo Dental has established itself as a leading innovator for all dental imaging related products.  Digital radiography is a type of x ray imaging that incorporates x ray sensors as opposed to old style photographic film.  This progressive approach for x ray sensors is rapid and results are immediate for digital transfer and enhancement.  In other words you don’t have to wait for the laborious chemical process to develop x ray film and present your dental imaging.  X ray sensors are much faster and provide higher resolution at a much lower cost than the conventional out-dated approach.  Using a digital image capture device eliminates the highly expensive film process technique and allows for instant viewing and manipulation.  Overexposure and underexposure are no longer issues you have to deal with as most dental imaging software has 1 step processes to display and fix image quality.   
Almost all intraoral cameras are compatible with our x ray sensors.  The x ray sensors can be placed inside the mouth (intraoral imaging) or outside the mouth (extraoral imaging). Video Dental x ray sensors can work with both PC and MAC based platforms.  At Video Dental we guarantee that we have some of the lowest pricing around for x ray sensors.  Our QuickRay HD Digital x ray sensor delivers immaculate image clarity at the highest resolution capable for any dental imaging products on the market.  The ability to conveniently hook up to your PC or MAC via USB (universal serial bus) port with our a cumbersome interface box make theses x rays sensors much less intimidating and user friendly than older dental film methods.  
Video Dental has industry leading technical support provided by our US based technology department.  No problem is too small and we can always help you with any dental imaging needs.  Our staff has the ability to easily remote in and solve any issues that might be plaguing your Video Dental products.  In addition to our superior US based customer service we easily have the longest and strongest warranties in the dental imaging industry.  Have you ever heard of any electronic related product that carries a 2 year warranty against defects and a 7 year warranty that protects against accidental damage?  Since 1989 we have been satisfying dental practices with the absolute best products available to the dental industry.  
Video Dental was established in the late 80’s and is still in the same location.  x-ray-sensors
100 East Granada Boulevard Suite 219
Ormond Beach, FL 32176
(800) 323-2690
We have the most proven dental imaging products on the market starting with the best intraoral cameras you will find anywhere.  Do you need a dental bite block or bitewing?  How about a portable x ray machine or x ray generator?  3D CBCT Imaging systems and Pan Ceph or Panoramic Dental X Ray are always in stock ready to be shipped at any time.  Don’t forget about our Wireless intraoral cameras!
Be careful when looking for any dental imaging products out there on the big world wide web. Make sure these companies have dental imaging products that are in compliance with the stringent FDA requirements and are in thorough compliance with their UDI (Unique Device Identification) program.  Video Dental at the forefront of dental imaging technology and a proud cornerstone for dental practices in the US and abroad internationally.

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