Wireless Intraoral Cameras

The dental industry is one is that is constantly being improved upon with the help of better technology and refined specialist techniques. Video Dental is a proud producer of state of the art dental imaging technology. We carry some of the best wireless intraoral cameras in the industry. Video Dental Concepts has been helping shape and revolutionize dentistry imaging technology since our inception over two and a half decades ago. Video Dental’s team of skilled technicians understand the importance of continuous learning for the application toward the improvement of existing technology. In partnership with Panasonic’s Camera Division and ETS Groux Optical Corporation, we helped successfully introduce the first intra-oral camera back in 1989 for the betterment of the dental industry.
Intraoral Cameras can be described as tiny digital cameras that serve the purpose of capturing high-resolution images from inside the mouth that can be viewed instantly. The provision of immediate results was unheard of in the dental industry just a few decades ago. The advantages that this technology has brought to dentists is substantial. Video Dental operates with our clients in mind. We work to produce the most reliable technology in the industry for the peace of mind of the dentistry specialists that we supply our products to.
Our aim for our wireless intraoral cameras is to retain the convenience and accuracy that traditional intraoral cameras have brought to the table with the added advantage of operating without a cord. We are the one source stop for the latest dental imaging technology and software for all dentistry specialists. Our wireless intraoral cameras allow you to capture images quickly and proficiently. The cameras then feed the digital images you captured to your computer or tablet. The process is completed in a matter of minutes with no waiting for the development of the scans. This makes wireless intraoral cameras a highly valuable tool for communicating your diagnosis in a way that is easily understood by your patient right on the spot.
Our team at Video Dental has recently introduced our new QuickCam UWB has the best clarity available for wireless intraoral cameras. With an elegant and quick charging dock station, this new dental imaging instrument is the perfect addition to any dental practice looking for a practical and highly efficient wireless intraoral cameras. Our dental imaging technology makes the detection of disease and problem areas easier. Our wireless intraoral cameras are perfect for the application of numerous dental practices such as:

  • Oral Surgery
  • Teeth Alignment Correction
  • Extractions
  • Implant Placements
  • Endodontics

We are committed toward customer service with integrity in all aspects of company operation. Video Dental proudly plays our part in the provision of quality dental care for countless patients of the dentistry professionals we serve. We hope to keep introducing better technology to the dental industry and continuing to push toward overall improvement for years to come. Contact Video Dental with any questions about our wireless intraoral cameras, x-ray sensors, dental imaging software, or any other products.

Wireless Intraoral Cameras

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