Wireless Intraoral Camera

Video Dental has been providing our customers with high-quality dental imaging technology for over two and a half decades. We are private manufacturers, developers, and distributors of dental imaging hardware and software for dentistry professionals. We pride ourselves in the innovation and improvement that our technology designers and engineers have brought to the dental imaging industry during our time in operation. One of the most useful and efficient tools for diagnosing and getting a treatment plan in the dental offices is with a wireless intraoral camera.  Video Dental is the co-inventor of this technology (1989) and provides 4 different models of cameras from wireless to corded with micro and full face capabilities.
Video Dental additionally provides dentistry professionals the highest quality and reliable dental x-ray sensors and digital imaging software available in the industry today. By using state of the art dental imaging technology at your dental practice you are enabling your staff to provide the most accurate results, simplifying workflow, and helping relay accurate information more fluently to your patients.
The wireless intraoral camera paired with improvements in digital dental radiography has opened doors to better dentistry with clearer investigative and diagnostic abilities. A wireless intraoral camera is a highly efficient way to detect disease or help confirm oral health on the spot, as such it is a tremendous practice builder. Digital dental radiography technology is used in various aspects of the dentistry industry including:

  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Orthodontists
  • Endodontics

A wireless intraoral camera is a small digital camera that provides accurate and instantaneous dental imaging results without a cumbersome cable tethered to a computer. Video Dental provides dentistry specialist with high-end intraoral cameras that are imperative for getting a detailed and clearer examination of a patient’s teeth. Wireless Intraoral cameras are able to capture high-resolution images in order to provide dentists with one of the best tools for the diagnosis of health concerns and problems occurring within the teeth and gums. The high-resolution images captured by a wireless intraoral camera can be accurately magnified with digital imaging software such as our universally applicable  XrayVision® and XVlite™. This allows dentists to properly relay visual information to patients of the problems encountered and found with these images.  Another huge benefit of a wireless intraoral camera is their ability to seamlessly move from examination room to room without any physical connection to a computer.  Their low cost also allows your dental center to purchase multiple units for use where you deem fit.  Allocating a backup is also a wise practice to ensure zero downtime and better patient flow.
Wireless Intraoral CameraBy having a proficient method of capturing and displaying visual information included in x-ray to patients of what is occurring in their mouths allows them to better understand the circumstances you may have struggled to relay in the past with outdated and time-consuming dental film techniques. When people have the ability to see what they are being explained they are more likely to comprehend the magnitude of the situation and therefore more likely to do something about it. Without this tool, you will find that many patients will want to procrastinate suggested treatments or procedures. A wireless intraoral camera is a tool that works in cohesion with all the other imaging cameras and sensors and technology that you already implement at your dental center.
Video Dental is a revered leader in the development of dental imaging technology and continually evolves to abreast of what the industry demands. Our technology allows dentistry specialists to take care of the common problem encountered of case acceptance in asymptomatic patients. We provide our customers with the best and latest technology available in the industry. We take pride in the provision of high-end dentistry tools and playing our role in the betterment of dental treatment. Contact our team at Video Dental to have any questions about our products expertly answered or for help in ordering our technology for your office. We look forward to working with you.

Wireless Intraoral Camera

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