What Are The Benefits of Intraoral Cameras?

What Are The Benefits of Intraoral Cameras?

The dental industry is in a constant search for new ways to improve how we diagnose and treat oral conditions. The ability to diagnose oral conditions in their earliest forms is a huge benefit for both dentists and patients.

The earlier the diagnosis, the more effective the treatment. Early detection creates a powerful call to action for both patient and doctor. Allowing patients to actually see the condition of their teeth creates a huge urgency for patients to move forward.  

Traditional radiographs are about 68% accurate, but lesions are only visible with enough damage to the tooth. By that time, the patient is already at the point where they need a filling. The problem with these traditional technologies is that they are simply not capable of spotting small pathologies early on.

Intraoral Cameras

The good news is, there are new advanced technologies that are available to help dentists locate and quantify potential problems. Of course, clinically identifying the problem is the first piece of the puzzle. After the patient understands and consents to treatment, one of the best tools to engage them is an intraoral camera. When your patients can see the problem themselves, they become more emotionally involved and want to find a solution.

The best part about it is, the dental team doesn’t have to sell the patients on a treatment. All they have to do is find time to restore the issue, and a financial plan that works for them. For a good look at the benefits of intraoral cameras, the QuickScan IOS supports completely powderless functionality. Taking the traditional approach to dental imaging out of the picture and using an internal digital camera gives you a quick, no-mess result.

Video Dental’s flagship intraoral camera combines high-end camera tech with an advanced, ergonomic design to produce professional imaging for use in various dental procedures.

The benefits of intraoral cameras like this are huge, creating monochrome or full color scans for complete maneuverability. A heated, autoclavable tip goes a long way toward preventing fogged up images and, with its modular design, it’s also easier to repair.

The diagnostic capabilities make this enhanced intraoral camera easy to use, more effective and more convenient to use in your practice. Adding enhanced intraoral tech like the QuickScan IOS. It can be used to boost a dental practice and become a handy part of your examination, while helping you detect early symptoms or potential areas of concern. This kind of advanced technology is unlike anything ever before.

Benefits of Intraoral Cameras

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