What are Digital Sensors?

Let’s talk about digital dental x-ray sensors. What are digital sensors? How do they improve the overall experience for dental visits? Why are they the preferred choice in dental x-ray imaging equipment for dental offices around the world? These questions along with related questions will be answered in the article below. Let’s start with the basics.

What are digital sensors?

Digital dental sensors were designed to address one of the primary problems in the dental industry.   For many years, the only way to obtain any dental x-ray was to have a patient wait for x-ray film to be developed. The last thing any patient wants during a dental visit is to feel uncomfortable for any length of time, especially the more anxious types. This equally applies to dentists and dental technicians.  Getting fast, clear, x-ray images of patient anatomy is paramount for any dentist to make an accurate diagnosis.

Digital sensors make the process of dental x-ray imaging faster and more efficient for both the patient and the dentist. Designed to be comfortable, small, and efficient, intraoral sensors work with imaging software to deliver higher-quality images – all without having to move the patient.

What are digital sensors used for?

Speed might be the most impressive benefit of digital dental sensors. They deliver detailed x-ray images in a high-resolution format in just seconds. The high-quality images enable dentists and skilled dental technicians to diagnose any existing or potential complications in seconds.
The other significant advantage of digital dental sensors relates to radiation exposure. The x-ray film of the past required more harmful x-radiation exposure to the patient, while technicians stood behind a protective wall. In contrast, low-dose dental sensors allow dentists to obtain these x-rays without having to leave the room, by significantly reducing both the exposure time and the overall amount of exposure.
From a patient’s perspective, this could prove to be invaluable to their health and their wallet. From a dentist’s perspective, this gives them the ability to make well-informed, expert decisions based on the diagnosis. In other words, it’s a win-win situation.

Where can you buy digital sensors?

There are a few different types of digital dental sensors available on the market right now. It’s best to view a comparison chart of digital x-ray sensors to review their differences before deciding which is the best choice.
Some of the things to consider before you buy dental sensors include warranty options, replacement plans, technical support, customer service, and, of course, cost. Remember that this high-tech equipment is an investment in the future for any dentist, dental group, and dental office.
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What Are Digital Sensors