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Dental X Ray Sensor Repair

Video Dental Concepts has been serving the dental industry as a dental digital imaging technology specialists for almost three decades. We can provide you with expert dental X ray sensor repair, replacement, or upgrade. Over the years we have grown to be the among the most dependable and economical dental sensor provider. Dental imaging technology...


Dental Sensor Repair

Video Dental Concepts has been serving as a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of professional, dental digital imaging equipment all over the world for over 25 years. Our team of adept technicians provides services in dental sensor repair for all major manufacturers including: Carestream Dental Sensor RVG Dental Sensor Dexis Dental Sensor Schick Dental Sensor Suni...


Dental Xray Sensor

Digital periapical and dental bitewing radiographs add a high value to any dental practice.  As with most dental imaging equipment, there is a great benefit with a moderate price tag associated with any dental sensor.  Not having Dental Xray Sensor technology available to your patients carries a much higher price tag.  In today’s fast paced...

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