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Digital Imaging Dental

Making the selection of digital imaging dental technology for your practice’s locale is a defining decision. Having the right equipment allows you to better serve patients with ease and accuracy. Video Dental provides our clients with professional digital imaging dental equipment to that helps improve the diagnostic and examination process. Video Dental is a trusted...


Wireless Intraoral Cameras

The dental industry is one is that is constantly being improved upon with the help of better technology and refined specialist techniques. Video Dental is a proud producer of state of the art dental imaging technology. We carry some of the best wireless intraoral cameras in the industry. Video Dental Concepts has been helping shape...


Wireless Intraoral Camera

Video Dental has been providing our customers with high-quality dental imaging technology for over two and a half decades. We are private manufacturers, developers, and distributors of dental imaging hardware and software for dentistry professionals. We pride ourselves in the innovation and improvement that our technology designers and engineers have brought to the dental imaging...


Dental Sensor Repair

Video Dental Concepts has been serving as a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of professional, dental digital imaging equipment all over the world for over 25 years. Our team of adept technicians provides services in dental sensor repair for all major manufacturers including: Carestream Dental Sensor RVG Dental Sensor Dexis Dental Sensor Schick Dental Sensor Suni...


Dental Intraoral Camera

All industry leaders understand that keeping up with advances in their industry, technological or otherwise, is a huge part of remaining competitive in that respective trade. A dental intraoral camera is a newer piece of dental equipment, but could easily be one of the most beneficial for professional oral hygienists to have in their arsenal....


Intraoral Camera

Video Dental has been at the forefront of dental imaging since the inception of the digital era.  As an innovator for Intraoral Camera technology we have developed many techniques which are patented and widely used by most Intraoral Camera Manufacturers.  Don’t waste your time looking at any intraoral camera manufacturer who is not FDA approved...


Intraoral Cameras

Video Dental is a pioneer for Intraoral Cameras and definitely has one of the widest selections that will satisfy all of your dental imaging needs.  This cutting edge dental imaging technology is the perfect tool for all dental professionals.  Our intraoral cameras are manufactured to deliver the most accurate and clear cut dental imaging.  Detail...

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