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New Look, Same Company You've Trusted Since 1989

With close to three decades of professional service, our entire team is proud to announce some exciting new changes. From a brand new logo to exclusive new products, Video Dental Concepts continues to prove why we’ve earned the top spot among dental equipment companies worldwide. Take the time to check out our featured new items...


The Ultimate Portable Dental X-Ray Solution is Here

The MobileX Portable Dental X-Ray Solution is Here The newest offering from Video Dental Concepts provides dental offices everywhere the ultimate portable dental X-ray solution. MobileX is the premier handheld x-ray generator capable of elevating dental groups from ordinary to extraordinary. Highly efficient and easy to use, MobileX is both economically accessible and technologically advanced....



It is time to take your practice to the next level and upgrade to the ultimate 3D CBCT dental imaging solution, The RayScan Alpha Plus from Video Dental Concepts. The RayScan Alpha Plus is an award-winning 3D CBCT dental imaging solution with high-definition 2D panoramic views. It also has cephalometric options, including one shot ceph....


Handheld X-Ray Machine

At Video Dental, we carry the newest and most innovative products on the market. There’s no need to suffer with massive, clunky, or outdated technology any longer.  May we present to you the MobileX handheld x-ray machine that looks like a camera! Just one MobileX dental x-ray generator does the work of numerous wall-mounted x-ray...


Dental X Ray Equipment

The use of dental x ray equipment is nothing new. We have been using x-ray imaging for oral and teeth problems for decades. I’m sure you have past memories that involve terrifying machines and giant vests. Remember sitting completely still, wondering just how dangerous these machines could be to your health? Fortunately, dental x-ray equipment...