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How To Buy Dental Equipment

Dental equipment is a big investment, and obviously crucial to the functionality of any dental office. That said, knowing how to buy dental equipment is every bit as important as knowing that you need to get it. And, with a little help from us, you’ll know everything you need to know to get the right...


Can You Lease Dental Equipment?

Owning and managing a dental practice is expensive, to say the least. If you’re in the market for an upgrade to your dental equipment, going out-the-box can run into money quick. That’s why, every year, more and more dentists are asking one important question:  Can You Lease Dental Equipment? In short: yes. It can be...


Where To Buy Dental Sensors?

Your film dental x-ray has come up on its final turn. And for as long as you have had it, your investment has been riddled with damages costing you well more than it was worth. And for the longest time, you haven’t been able to find a good replacement that is worth it.  Luckily for...


Where To Buy Dental Equipment

Advancements in technology have boosted society to new heights. The same is true for the dental industry. However, as easily accessible as technology is to the average consumer, a dentist’s practice is not. This begs the question: Where can you buy Dental Equipment?  Where can you buy Dental Equipment? The answer is simple! Video Dental...


What do dental sensors do?

As opposed to film x rays, digital dental sensors are handheld pieces of technology that take digital x-ray images of a patient’s teeth. In a safe way, patients will be a part of a comfortable experience where they can get a diagnosis quickly. Dental sensors are optimal for taking x-ray images because they are digital,...


What Are Dental Sensors?

If you are a dentist, you probably have experience using film x rays. Chances are still that you wish you had a better alternative to film x rays, which gave better results quicker and more efficiently. That is where digital dental sensors come into play. What are dental sensors? Dental sensors are handheld x-ray technologies...


How long do dental sensors last?

Chances are, if you have used a traditional x-ray sensor, you have experienced the difficulties and costs of repairing it as it’s damaged. Whether it’s accidental or caused by age, too often do traditional film dental x rays offer less than optimal service to dentists.  Digital dental x-ray sensors are the best options for dentists...


Digital Dental Sensors For Sale

Digital dental sensors are some of the most important improvements to dental offices everywhere. With their ease of use, exceptional portability, and safety, digital dental sensors provide the best alternative to traditional film x rays. It helps keep dentists organized, as images pop up within 3 seconds, digitally, to a computer which stores them for...


Dental X-ray sensors

When the times come for your patient to need x rays of their mouth, it is time for you to pull out the big guns. The patient is taken to a room where the x-ray is held in a fashion quite like a sci-fi movie. The process takes 30 minutes to complete and the patient...


Dental sensors repair

With the proper care, use, and cautious cleaning, your dental sensor should last you at least 10 years. If you are in need of repairs, Video Dental offers a 2-year defect warranty and a 7-year accidental damage warranty. Dental sensor repair becomes easy with Video Dental Concepts at your side.  Some of the most common...

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