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A Radiography Machine For Every Purpose

A radiography machine in dentistry is no longer only the wall-mounted, bulky, time-consuming film-based units of days past. Now there are a variety of options to buy a digital dental radiography machine as a way to provide the best experience for patients. Though almost every modern dental office operating in the current age now utilizes...


Benefits of Intraoral & Extraoral Cameras

American dentists and dental groups around the world widely recognize the far-reaching benefits of using a dental oral camera at their practice. X-ray oral cameras for dental use are functional, portable, easy to use, and can actually help dental practices make more money. The primary difference that sets one oral camera apart from another is...


Here's Why Modern Dentists Prefer New X-Ray Technology

Dentistry has come a long way since the start of the twenty-first century, as with all fields of healthcare. Specifically, dental x-ray technology has made leaps and bounds; providing dental professionals with new healthcare options and treatment opportunities. What exactly are these digital x-ray sensors and how are handheld x-ray machines reimagining dental offices around the...


How Portable X-Ray Systems Are Changing Dentistry

The popularity of portable x-ray systems for dental imaging continues to rise. These handheld x-ray generators are functional, efficient, and generally easy to use. For this reason, dental groups are embracing the new and exciting opportunities both in America and on an international scale. This growing popularity comes down to a few general benefits now...


What are Digital Sensors?

Let’s talk about digital dental x-ray sensors. What are digital sensors? How do they improve the overall experience for dental visits? Why are they the preferred choice in dental x-ray imaging equipment for dental offices around the world? These questions along with related questions will be answered in the article below. Let’s start with the...