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Who Discovered CBCT?

Sir Godfrey N. Hounsfield invented CBCT technology in 1967, although it was originally developed for use in angiography, not dentistry. In the years that followed, it would subsequently be applied to work in the maxillofacial field, which was a step in the direction of dentistry. It was only in the late ‘90s that it became...


How CBCT Works?

Dental cone-beam computed tomography, or CBCT, uses x-rays when standard dental or facial x-rays are insufficient. It’s a type of CT scanner that produces 3D dental images, including soft tissues and nerve pathways, as well as craniofacial bones. It creates detailed images for more accurate and precise treatment. This isn’t the same as standard CT...


CBCT Scan Dental

In dentistry, today, one of the most common questions is: “Do I really need a CT scan for dental implant placing?” It’s a fair question. This is a growing industry, and CBCT scanners are a popular piece of equipment. That said, there’s a simple answer to this question: Yes!  CBCT scans balance anatomical accuracy for...


Can You Lease Dental Equipment?

Owning and managing a dental practice is expensive, to say the least. If you’re in the market for an upgrade to your dental equipment, going out-the-box can run into money quick. That’s why, every year, more and more dentists are asking one important question:  Can You Lease Dental Equipment? In short: yes. It can be...

benefits of intraoral cameras

What Are The Benefits of Intraoral Cameras?

The dental industry is in a constant search for new ways to improve how we diagnose and treat oral conditions. The ability to diagnose oral conditions in their earliest forms is a huge benefit for both dentists and patients. The earlier the diagnosis, the more effective the treatment. Early detection creates a powerful call to...


4 Different Types Of Dental X-Rays

Different types of x-ray images require using the best dental x-ray machine specifically for that purpose. There are digital dental sensors that take digital x-ray images of more localized areas and there are complete dental radiography systems that can take different types of radiographic images. Learn more about the different types of dental x-ray images...


A Radiography Machine For Every Purpose

A radiography machine in dentistry is no longer only the wall-mounted, bulky, time-consuming film-based units of days past. Now there are a variety of options to buy a digital dental radiography machine as a way to provide the best experience for patients. Though almost every modern dental office operating in the current age now utilizes...


Digital Dental Radiography Systems

Radiography is a fundamental diagnostic tool in dentistry for a number of reasons. Digital dental radiography systems have helped to advance the dental x-ray imaging capabilities available to dentists and dental professionals. Digital dental x-ray machines help to deliver a better diagnosis by delivering improved dental x-ray images to reveal hidden oral defects. As opposed...


Dental Panoramic X-Ray

Over two decades ago, Video Dental helped introduce the dental industry’s first intraoral camera system. Since then, we have continued to be at the cutting edge of dental imaging technology. Today, the dental panoramic x-ray is at the forefront of modern dental imaging technology. Paving the way, the award-winning technology used in our dental imaging...


Benefits of Intraoral & Extraoral Cameras

American dentists and dental groups around the world widely recognize the far-reaching benefits of using a dental oral camera at their practice. X-ray oral cameras for dental use are functional, portable, easy to use, and can actually help dental practices make more money. The primary difference that sets one oral camera apart from another is...

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