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Who Invented CBCT?

In 1967, engineer Sir Godfrey N.Hounsfield invented the 1st generation C.T. scanner. A single detector element captured an x-ray beam. The detector and source rotated by a single degree, only, and were known as “pencil” beam scanners. At the time, they were only designed to scan the head. It wasn’t until 1982 that Robles RA...


Who Discovered CBCT?

Sir Godfrey N. Hounsfield invented CBCT technology in 1967, although it was originally developed for use in angiography, not dentistry. In the years that followed, it would subsequently be applied to work in the maxillofacial field, which was a step in the direction of dentistry. It was only in the late ‘90s that it became...


Where To Buy Dental Equipment Online?

Dental equipment is the backbone of a dentist’s office. Without it, you can’t practice, and without good equipment, you’ve got less value to offer your paying clients. The problem is, like quality equipment in any industry, you tend to pay more for good quality. A useful tip for not overpaying for dental supplies is to...


Where To Buy Dental Equipment?

A dental office or clinic is a complicated machine. If one cog fails, the whole system tends to underperform. And, for the most part, those cogs all come from one place: your friendly neighborhood dental equipment supplier. But what should you be looking for in a supplier? Supplier Options As with any other business, where...


What Is The Best Dental Equipment?

“What is the best dental equipment?” is a question many of us have asked. Join us for a lightning-fast breakdown of two great methods for finding the best dental equipment for your office. Practical Functions vs. Trends The dental industry moves fast. There are always interesting new things to see and invest in, but it’s...


What Is Dental Equipment?

What Is Dental Equipment? A dentist’s job is to use specialized equipment to help patients recover from a range of dental problems. This is usually done in tight, poorly-lit corners of the mouth, meaning the equipment needs to be extremely versatile, not to mention high-quality. A few common pieces of dental equipment include: panoramic X-ray...


What Is CBCT Used For?

CBCTs have become a standard element in most dentists’ offices in recent years. But what is CBCT used for in the context of your dental office? Let’s take a closer look. Description A cone-beam computed tomography system, or CBCT, is a variation in the traditional computed tomography system. These are used by dental professionals and...


What Is CBCT Scan Blog?

CBCT is an X-Ray examination technique that creates 3D images of teeth and jaws. As an approach, this extremely valuable to a dentist, giving them a more complete overview of the patient’s jaw, overall.  These scans are actually useful in various fields of dentistry, from dental implants to root canal treatments and managing impacted teeth....


What Is a Dental Equipment Maintenance?

Any industry where fine-tuned machinery is used to give precise measurements calls for careful care to be taken of that equipment. After all, the devices we use to do our jobs typically cost a lot of money, and it’s important to look after them so they last for as long as possible. But what is...

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