A Radiography Machine For Every Purpose

A radiography machine in dentistry is no longer only the wall-mounted, bulky, time-consuming film-based units of days past. Now there are a variety of options to buy a digital dental radiography machine as a way to provide the best experience for patients.
Though almost every modern dental office operating in the current age now utilizes one or more of the upgraded digital radiography machines, there are still some who may not understand exactly what the full catalog of options entails. From the upgrades in radiographic systems using digital dental imaging software to the more practical convenience of portable, handheld x-ray generators, there is any number of reasons to take interest in what all is available.
This article will help to educate both the public and industry professionals alike on the different types of radiography machines commonly used in dentistry. Continue to read to learn more or visit www.VideoDental.com to view any single radiography machine in more detail.

Different Types of Dental X-Ray Machines

The need for radiography machines in dentistry has been around since dental x-ray imaging was first introduced back in 1896. Although it wasn’t until roughly the 1950’s before dental x-ray images were regularly used by all dentists during routine dental examinations, the general interest in using a radiography machine to exam teeth was not uncommon.
Since then, both technological advancements in radiographic machinery and the overall understanding of the importance of dental x-ray imaging have greatly improved. Now there are different types of dental radiography systems designed to fulfill a unique purpose.

  • Intraoral X-Ray Sensors – Placed inside the mouth to obtain digital x-ray images of teeth and jaw, for treatment of caries, periapical, changes in the bone pattern, variations in tooth anatomy and adjoining structures
  • Panoramic X-Ray Machines – Captures 2-dimensional overview of jaws and teeth, commonly used for a view of sinuses, TMJ, jawbone fractures, and wisdom teeth
  • Cephalometric X-Ray Machines – Uses anatomical points to analyze 2-dimensional profiles, commonly used to learn the effects prior to orthodontic treatment
  • 3D CBCT Machines – Provides more detailed 3-dimensional x-ray images, used for bone density analysis and implant design when 2D x-ray images aren’t sufficient
  • Digital X-Ray Imaging Software – Management system for storing x-ray images to make patient image analysis and sharing easier.

Most dentists and dental offices today need to be able to access every type of dental radiography machine, which has led to new Panoramic 3D CBCT  Machines capable of capturing every type of x-ray image. The biggest development has been in the improvements of digital dental radiography systems, which you can read more about here.

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