Trident PSP Scanner – Open Box Unit

MSRP: $7,995

The Trident SmartMicro phosphor plate scanner offers fully automatic reading of the digital plates along with erasing of the scanned image and ejection back to the operator within a matter of seconds. Scanning in X-ray images does not get any easier.

Once inserted into the front of the scanner, the phosphor plate is automatically removed from the protective cover without any light reaching the exposed surface or any risk of finger contact. Patented algorithms used to read the phosphor plates ensure the highest level of image quality even when the incorrect dose is used to expose the image.

  • Automatic reading and erasing of phosphor plates
  • Compact form size
  • High Resolution Scanning at 16bit
  • Powerful image management software
  • USB2 connection to PC for fast data transfer


This compact PSP Scanner will eliminate cost, time and messiness that is associated with traditional film processing units and effectively advance your practice’s technology. When moving from traditional film based X-rays to the NICAL digital image phosphor plate scanner, the X-ray exposure procedure remains the same.  Diagnostic reliability is greatly increased due to optimized detail recognition and sophisticated software image enhancements. The NICAL ImagePlus software allows fast image acquisition and processing along with impressive enhancement of image quality. The software also supports DICOM network compatibility. Once installed and configured, the software is ready for use with the NICAL SmartMicro.

Image Phosphor Plate Sizes

Size 0: 31 x 22mm, 726 x 1321 pixels
Size 1: 40 x 21mm, 792 x 1321 pixels
Size 2: 40 x 31mm, 1024 x 1354 pixels
Size 3: 54 x 27mm, 891 x 1783 pixels


Resolution: 34 pixel/mm – 16bits
Spot Size: 30”
Reading Time: 4.8 ± 9 Sec
Connection: USB2
Dimensions (hxwxd): 110 x 154 x 270mm
Weight: 4.6Kg
Power Supply: 110-240 V 50/60 Hz 24 Watts
Software:  Nical ImagePlus/Dicom (optional)