QuickRayDX Digital X-Ray Sensor

The QuickRayDX sensor offers rounded corners, smooth edges and two sizes (size #1 for children | size #2 for adults) to optimize patient comfort while receiving a dental X-Ray.

The Affordable, High Resolution Sensor

Why choose the QuickRayDX sensor?

The QuickRayDX Digital X-Ray Sensor series gives you pristine image clarity at the highest resolution with minimum radiation exposure; and connects directly to your computer’s USB port without requiring a special interface box!
Compatibility is no issue as the QuickRayDX sensor has a TWAIN available for integration into any imaging software that supports TWAIN devices.
One of QuickRayDX’s biggest advantages is gain in time. Captured X-Ray images are projected directly to the dentist’s viewing screen in just ~3 seconds, making it the fastest intraoral dental sensor in the industry!
The thin, tough and durable polyamide housing is less than 1/4″ and features a CMOS imaging sensor chip, CSI Scintillator, electronic circuits, shielding foils, polyurethane cable and shock absorbers.
All of this in addition to its 2 year warranty backed by a 5 year “out of warranty” replacement plan, the real question is “Why NOT chose the QuickRayDX”?

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Each sensor kit includes: Flow Uni-Verse-All positioner kit, silicon cover, sheaths,  wall mount holder, and extension cable.
Note: Rinn XCP DS Fit starter kits available for upgrade of $75. Includes: (1) Ring, (1) bar, (1) of each horizontal, vertical, anterior, posterior biteblocks. Select option when adding to cart.


MSRP: $4,495 – $4,995

Warranty On Our Digital Dental Sensors

Paying too Much for Dental Sensors & Dental Sensor Warranties? Purchase with confidence when you are protected by our 5 year no annual fee replacement plan! QuickRayDX sensors comes with both a 2 year warranty against defects, a 5 year replacement cost guarantee against accidental damage, no enrollment fees and no annual fees!


Why Buy From Video Dental Concepts?

Tired of ambiguous and worthless fee based “extended warranties”? When you purchase QuickRayDX  there are no “Enrollment Fees” or “Annual Subscription Fees”. Our Warranty is clear: 2 years against defects; 5 years against accidental damage. When it comes to accidental damage we offer a 5 year replacement plan that is the longest and most comprehensive on the market. Thousands of customers have enjoyed savings and outstanding service since 1998; Shouldn’t You?

  1. More digital dental imaging history, experience, and innovations
  2. Established in 1989 and still in the same location
  3. Longest, Worry-Free Warranty Replacement Plan
  4. Best prices, guaranteed!


Size 1 Size 2
Detector Technology APS CMOS APS CMOS
Scintillator CsI CsI
Pixel Matrix 1000*1500 1300*1800
Theoretical Resolution 25lp/mm 25lp/mm
True Resolution 20lp/mm 20lp/mm
Active Area (mm) 20*30 26*36
Mechanical Size(mm) 25.4*36.8*4.4 30.4*41.9*4.4
AD Conversion(bit) 16 16
Data Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Protection IP68 IP68
  • CMOS technology with scintillator
  • 2 Sensor Sizes (#1 & #2)
  • 4096 grayscale levels (12-bit image)
  • Direct USB Connection
  • No Data Box
  • No external power connection
  • Built in USB 2.0 Interface
  • Plug and Play functionality
  • Two sensors may be operated at the same time
  • Image transfer and control via computer system
  • 12 bit image digitalization
  • 16 bit uncompressed image file
  • Well-defined software interface standard or 2×2 binned imaging modes
  • Intelligent Auto Trigger
  • Theoretical Resolution of 25 lp/mm
  • Real Resolution of >20.00lp/mm or 0.05mm image detail
  • Signal to noise ratio: 40 dB
  • Scintillator: CSI depositing on fiber-less sub-strate
  • 2 yr warranty & 5 yr Out of Warranty Replacement Plan
  • CMOS chip material
  • Leading Image Quality
  • Rounded Corners for Patient Comfort
  • Replaceable sensor cord
  • Supports MAC: No
  • Bridges to major softwares: Yes
  • Recommended Exposure: 65KVP, 0.08msec
  • Direct or Indirect: Direct
  • Sensor Chip Material: CMOS
  • Sensor Resolution (lp/mm): 25
  • Sensor attachment to base: Direct
  • Sensor Connection: USB
  • Time from exposure to image: ~3-5 seconds
  • Image Size: 3MB – 5MB
  • DICOM compliant: Yes