Quickcam Ultra Wireless Intraoral Camera

Ultra Wide Band wireless, superb HD clarity, balance, shape, and controls make the new QuickCam ULTRA Intraoral camera handle like a dream!

Trade in old intraoral camera and receive FREE additional USB receiver

  • Wireless UWB ( Ultra Wide Band ) = No interference
  • Auto Focus with Unique Liquid Lens
  • HD Resolution (1280 x 720)
  • Ergonomic handpiece shape
  • Works with all major software
  • Quality-Built with lasting components
  • Large field-of-view for smile, single tooth, macro

Using no interference Ultra Wide Band technology, we’ve addressed the desire for a cordless Intraoral camera solution, but taken it to a whole new level.  Now you can use one single camera in an additional operatory by simply adding a QuickCam Ultra USB Communicator.  Now that’s true wireless freedom!

Rendering and 3-D design by Creative Dental Floor Plans

With Ultra Wide Band technology, the QuickCam Ultra conquers issues with interference without compromising HD image quality. Plus, with it’s specifically design shape, you’ll experience better ergonomics coupled with the ability to get better angles for your specific shots.

  • Image sensor : CMOS (OV9712 or AR0330)
  • Resolution : 1.3M full HD (1280 x 720)
  • Lens type : Liquid lens module
  • Light source : white LED
  • Focus range : 5mm – 5cm
  • Angle of view 70°
  • Interface : UWB
  • Operating voltage :
  • Charger = DC 5V
  • Battery = 3.7V (li-ion)
  • Receiver = DC 12

It is suggested to use an Intel i3 or i5 (our tech prefers i5, but i3 should be sufficient) with at least 4G of RAM (4G sufficient, 8G is probably not needed but RAM is so inexpensive these days would go for 8). Hard drive space on workstations doesn’t matter, as the software & images are all stored on the server. 250G would be fine. Video adapter does not matter for our software, even onboard video is powerful enough as all the images are 2D.

Windows 7 Pro would be preferred, but the software and hardware have been tested and work in Windows 10 Pro.

It is suggested to have a dedicated server, running windows server 2012, acting as file & application server and domain controller, with all workstations added to the domain. CPU/RAM are not that important for our software, but may be for other software that will be installed. Storage space suggested would be 1TB+, arranged in RAID 1 or better. Nightly backups should be done, consult with local IT.

Network should be a wired Gb ethernet network; wireless can be used for other things in the office but imaging performs poorly over it.

WEIGHT 3 lbs