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PatientView SD

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The All-In-One Handheld IntraOral Camera!

PatientView SD is our third generation of Handheld Intraoral Camera/Viewer, improving on our Toothpix launched in 2005.

The new “All in one Unit” is what you and your clinical staff have been waiting for. Designed purposely as a “Digital Mirror”, it is the ultimate “show and tell” and co-diagnostic imaging tool ever made.


Product Description

PatientView SD- All in One Intra-Oral Camera

• Not dependent on computers, yet is computer compatible for JPG image storage and printing.
• Patients hold the “mirror” and images appear larger due to the closeness to the display.
• Doctors & patients share images, enhancing patient participation as they “own” their problems.
• The easy to use system allows for better imaging work flow. Turn one button on and it is ready for a quick “tour of the mouth” with multiple images being snapped and stored on an SD card. Then recall each image and you will actually perform a chairside “patient slide show!”

Try it for 7 Days for only $195 including shipping!

If it doesn’t “sell” a crown the very first 7 working days, RETURN IT!
If it sells two crowns during first week, then you need two, three or more! At this low price, what can you lose? In fact, buy one for each assistant and hygienist run a contest to get some excitement in the office! Here is how it works: The one that has the most pics on the memory card at end of the week gets a bonus!

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

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    This is a cool idea. Patients can hold the little screen, and it’s still big enough to see great detail. Plus they can touch screen to scroll etc. and it all goes onto an SD card.

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