MyRayHyperion PAN CEPH Xray Machine
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MyRay Hyperion

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3D-Views! Advanced Kinematics! Diagnostic Precision!

The MyRay Hyperion MRT Panoramic Imager provides a personalized single rotation axis for diagnostic precision. After panoramic acquisition you can use Hyperion’s 3DTS feature to achieve smallfield 3D views for single implant site evaluations.


Product Description

MyRay Hyperion MRT

The operator can select a 40x40x100mm area to further explore in 3D. A radiograph series of 1mm cross-sectional slices allows volume browsing along the panoramic focal trough to provide precise 1:1 measurements. Evaluate bone availability and mandibular canal position and simulate implant placement. Browse slices in real-time to ensure proper fit throughout the implant site. A fast scan reduces possibility of patient movement. 7.9 seconds for the child panoramic and 9.2 seconds the adult panoramic.

Exposure factors are set automatically
Hyperion features innovative Morphology Recognition Technology (MRT) which automatically identifies patient size and all parameters required to ensure correct X-ray exposure. With MRT there’s no need to program exposure times, kV or mA technical factors or even choose patient size.

Hyperion uses advanced kinematics
Hyperion exploits the latest technologies available to enhance your diagnostic potential. Whereas simple kinematics with just one translatory movement leads to uneven magnification, Hyperion’s specially synchronised kinematics consisting of a single rotary movement combined with two simultaneous translatory movements ensures constant magnification in all projections. The result is a reliable first-class diagnostic image each time.

All vital details are captured thanks to the articulate movement enabling the focal trough to constantly adapt to patient morphology. The entire scan in accomplished with the X-ray detector at a constant distance from the midline of the dental arch, so that image magnification is uniform in the resulting radiograph.

Face-to-face experience
With Hyperion, reassuring eye contact with your patient is possible at all times. The face-to-face approach makes it comfortable for both dentist and patient. With aid of laser-guided positioning, a steady posture is achieved in no time at all. Then you’re ready to scan in less than 9 seconds.

Wide diagnostic spectrum
Acquire automatically selected standard and paediatric panoramic projections, frontal and lateral views of the maxillary sinuses, multi-angle lateral and posteroanterior views of the temporo-mandibular joint.

Store images on a Memory Card or share them over your local network through the industry standard Ethernet

20 different diagnostic programmes are available to satisfy any possible diagnostic need

• standard and paediatric panoramic projections
• frontal and lateral views of the maxillary sinuses
• multi-angle lateral and posterior-anterior views of the temporo-mandibular joint
• dynamic transversal slicing (DTS) ideal for implantology

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