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Intraoral X-Ray System for speedy & professional FMS

Intraoral X-Ray Super Combo $7,500

One of a kind combo package, as no one else offers!

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 Save thousands compared to Aribex Nomad Pro!

Take X-Rays At Any Point In The Procedure

The MobileX produces significantly less radiation than wall mount units. It has been tested and proven safe for use. Ideal for instances such as Pedo, Endo or Oral Surgery or for offsite purposes when the operator must be in the room or near the patient during exposure. The MobileX comes with a 1 year warranty against defects and a no cost 3 year out of warranty replacement plan.


Why supply only one operatory with a wall mount x-ray when you can supply 2-3 ops with one MobileX?!

No installation.

No wall reinforcement.

No costly maintenance fees.

No reason not to choose MobileX!


MobileX has been approved by most states and is FDA approved and registered.


Quickray Digital X-ray Sensor Kits

Why choose the QuickRay sensor?

The QuickRay Digital X-Ray Sensor series gives you pristine image clarity at the highest resolution with minimum radiation exposure; and connects directly to your computer’s USB port without requiring a special interface box!
Compatibility is no issue as the QuickRay sensor has a TWAIN available for integration into any imaging software that supports TWAIN devices.
One of QuickRay’s biggest advantages is gain in time. Captured X-Ray images are projected directly to the dentist’s viewing screen in just ~3 seconds, making it the fastest intraoral dental sensor in the industry!
The thin, tough and durable polyamide housing is less than 1/4″ and features a CMOS imaging sensor chip, CSI Scintillator, electronic circuits, shielding foils, polyurethane cable and shock absorbers.
All of this in addition to its 3 year warranty backed by a 7 year “out of warranty” replacement plan, the real question is “Why NOT chose the QuickRay”?