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Capture intraoral images with one click of a button using the iCam intraoral camera.

iCam High-quality Digital Intraoral Camera

Why choose the iCam intraoral camera?

The iCAM Intraoral Video Camera is simple to install and easy to use. The quality of this camera is similar to the DexCam, SchickCam, SuniCam and other popular “USB” Cams. Designed primarily to be used with tablets and laptops (Windows and MAC compatible) it can also connect to a desktop and the length of the cable can be extended up to 16″ by use of USB extensions.

MSRP: $295
WEIGHT 2 lbs
DIMENSIONS 12 x 10 x 3 in


1. More digital dental imaging history, experience, and innovations than any other company

2. Established in 1989 and still in the same location

3. Best price, guaranteed!

4. Longest, Worry-Free Warranty Replacement Plan


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