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Capture intraoral images with one click of a button using the iCam intraoral camera.

Meet the intraoral camera that every operatory MUST have!

Here’s what the iCam can do for you:

  • Increase in case acceptance
  • Better patient communication
  • Diagnostic quality images  (640x480p)
  • Easy integration into most North American imaging software and can be used as a Windows camera. 
  • Ergonomic and lightweight (31g) to easily take pictures.  
  • Fixed focus lens with quick single capture button. (Focus range of 40mm) 

Mac OS: Capture button compatibility dependent upon version of Mac operating system

MSRP: $295

Intraoral cameras offer several benefits in dental practice:

  1. Enhanced Patient Communication: Intraoral camera allow dentists to visually show patients the condition of their teeth and gums. This helps in explaining oral health issues and treatment recommendations more effectively, increasing patient understanding and involvement in their dental care.
  2. Accurate Diagnosis: By capturing clear and magnified images, intraoral cameras enable dentists to examine areas of concern that may not be easily visible with the naked eye. This assists in early detection and accurate diagnosis of dental problems, leading to timely and appropriate treatment.
  3. Documentation and Record-Keeping: Intraoral camera images can be saved and included in a patient’s electronic dental record. These visual records serve as a reference for future assessments, tracking changes in oral health over time, and supporting effective communication with other dental professionals if needed.
  4. Education and Treatment Planning: Intraoral camera images can be used to educate patients about their oral health conditions and the need for specific treatments. Dentists can illustrate the benefits and potential outcomes of various procedures, helping patients make informed decisions about their dental care.
  5. Improved Patient Experience: Intraoral camera minimize discomfort and increase patient comfort during dental examinations. Patients can see what the dentist sees, reducing anxiety and enhancing trust in the dental professional.


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