EZ-Flow Anesthetic Delivery System, open box, like new

MSRP $1995

EZ-FLOW by Video Dental is the perfect all-in-one solution for anesthetic delivery for your dental office. This anesthetic delivery system is one of the most advanced and modern on the market. This small but powerful package has all of the advantages of old-school handheld anesthetic syringes while introducing advanced features only available through computer processing and sensors.

The EZ-FLOW system from Denterprise. Features like Pressure sensors for detecting when the right amount of anesthetic has been applied, a bright and easy to use LED screen for Dosage and Mode Selection and so much more.

• Uses Standard Ampule and Needle – No Expensive Proprietary Disposable Tubing, Hand-piece & Needle
• Control Buttons for Flow Rate, Pressure, and Quantity
• LED Operating Screen for Dosage & Mode Selection
• Pre-programmed flow rates for PDA, PDL, BLock, and AMSA
• Pressure Sensor Automatically Pauses Flow
• Lightweight Ergonomic Design

WEIGHT 2 lbs
DIMENSIONS 12 × 14 × 4 in

Features & Specifications


  • Save on anesthetic and lower costs, with no pipeline or other consumables.
  • Compatible with standard 1.80ML local anesthetic and two models of syringe needles (British system and metric system). It is mainly used for local anesthesia injection into the oral cavity.
  • Simple operation, with one finger touching the controls of the pen-like handpiece. There is no foot switch.
  • Low noise with music.
  • LCD screen shows the operating process and dosage.
  • No-contact battery induction charging.
  • Battery working time: 4 hours between charges.
  • Battery standby time: 60 days between charges.
  • Audio alarm



  • Type classification of electric shock protection: internal electric source. IEC standard 60601 type BF
  • Water resistance grade IPX 0. Keep dry.
  • Working system: continuous operation
  • No signal inputs
  • No signal outputs
  • No vibration prevention or cancellation
  • Working environment: the equipment is applied in the general office environment.
  • Power adapter input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Output: 5V DC.
  • Working power: built-in lithium battery charging.
  • Working voltage: DC 5V.
  • Working current: 150mA.
  • Working indication: LED flicker indicating.
  • Handpiece dimensions: 24.2mm×186mm×30.2mm.
  • Handpiece weight: 200g.