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Capture, Enhance & Display Your Dental Images!

Today’s dental images are captured with digital x-ray sensors, intraoral cameras, extra-oral cameras, and scanners.

Why should you and your staff be forced to learn three or four different software programs? With xrayvision® and xvlite™ in their practice, thousands of users have already simplified their digital image workflow by using one dental imaging software package. Xrayvision and xvlite capture, enhance and display all of your dental images. All your x-rays from most of the different digital sensors available today, along with phosphor plate systems like denoptix, orex and scan-x, flatbed scanners, and your full-color images from intraoral and extraoral cameras and most other digital sources are organized into a patient database.

Apteryx Imaging incorporates the latest advancements in imaging technology and Apteryx’s patented STB (Secure Tagged Block) file format, an unmodifiable, secure and “loss-less” imaging format. Apteryx Imaging also exports to a number of popular image file formats, including TIFF (.tif) and JPEG(.jpg) for universal viewing. XrayVision is the front office solution, too. It duplicates films, creates referral letters and treatment plans, and electronically transfers guaranteed-secure images electronic attachments to insurance companies or other doctors. No more lost films, no more wet film duplicators, and shorter insurance payment cycles. XVlite is geared to be used in the operatories for quick and easy image capture. Don’t let the name fool you, it has most of the same features as XrayVision, with a simple, easy to use (and learn) interface. It even shares the same patient database with XrayVision, allowing you to customize and simplify your entire practice’s imaging needs. Additionally, both XrayVision and XVlite capture x-rays directly from digital sensors as well as scanners, plus full color images from intra-oral cameras, digital cameras and other video sources.

What about practice management integration? Apteryx XrayVision Imaging Suite is integrated now.
With NameGrabber™, Apteryx’s patented applet, patient information is bridged from any practice management program and created or opened in your Apteryx Imaging software. Select the patient’s name in your management program, click on NameGrabber, and the patient’s record is automatically opened or created.

Expandability The Apteryx Imaging Suite is built on an “open design” philosophy. You are able to take advantage of new technologies as they are developed. Free updates to your Apteryx Imaging application are available in the download section as they are released.

XrayVision Add-on modules include:

• Mobile XV, which enables you to copy patient images to a laptop computer for review off-site or to capture x-rays and other images with a laptop and merge them into your desktop system

• Cosmetic Imaging Module for XrayVision®

• WhitenIT™, Apteryx’s tooth whitening simulator

• ArchiveIT™, an easy-to-use image and patient archiving module

• DICOM Module for XrayVision allows full interactivity between XV and a DICOM 3.0 device or server. Apteryx Imaging is the perfect image management suite for your practice — now and in the future.

SOFTWARE LICENSE TYPE XrayVision Main License, XrayVision Additional License, XrayVision Additional 5 Licenses, XrayVision Additional 10 Licenses, XVLite Main License, XVLite Additional License

XrayVision : XVLite

XrayVision VS XVlite Feature Comparison

XrayVision VS XVlite
Auto Export Yes No
Export Yes Yes
Scan 2 Print Yes No
Image Bar Yes Yes
Advanced Database Yes No
Mobile Computing Yes No
Convert Case Utility Yes No
Slide Show No Yes
Colorize Yes Yes
Invert Yes Yes
Edge Enhance Yes Yes
Noise Removal Yes Yes
Equalize Yes Yes
Gamma Correction Yes Yes
Rotate Yes Yes
Flip Yes Yes
Brightness/Contrast Yes Yes
Auto B/C Yes Yes
Adjust Levels Yes Yes
Spot Magnify Yes Yes
Spot Enhance Yes Yes
Document Templates Yes Yes
Email Capabilties Yes Yes
Print Yes Yes
Image Notes Yes Yes
Layouts Yes Yes
Custom Layouts Yes Yes
Import Images Yes Yes
Pedio/Adult Teeth Charts Yes Yes
Acquire from Digital Sensor Yes Yes
Acquire from Scanner Yes Yes
Acquire from I/O Video Yes Yes
Acquire from Still Digital Yes Yes
Acquire from Phosphor Plate Yes Yes
Converters Available Yes Yes
Color Picker Yes No
Histogram View Yes No
Image Selection Yes No
Auto Image Extraction Yes No
Selection Extraction Yes No
Full Screen View Yes Yes
Floater View Yes Yes
Smooth Yes Yes
Sharpen Yes Yes
Embossing Yes Yes
Image Macros Yes No
ArchiveIT Yes No
Custom Tool Bar Yes No
Large Touch Screen Friendly Buttons No Yes
Name Grabber Bridging Yes Yes
Tool Box Yes No
On Screen Keyboard No Yes