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Why Purchase Digital Dental Sensors from Video Dental Concepts?

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Longevity: second vendor of dental sensors in North America

Video Dental Concepts’ historical involvement with Dental Digital Radiography is well known and documented.

While the technology was invented in 1988 by Trophy S.A, France (now Carestream), and commercially introduced in North America as RVG in 1989, Video Dental Concepts started selling the Sens-A-Ray sensors in 1991 as a distributor of Regam, Sweden, the only other manufacturer of sensors at that time. For over 3 years, VDC was the only alternative to Trophy in North America until Schick (1994) and later Dexis (1995) entered this market.

In 1998 Video Dental released QuickRay digital dental sensor, a private label of the DSX-730 from Alliance S.A. (now Owandy) using their QuickVision software, and a “universal” digital sensor. The digital dental sensor was actually manufactured by Thomson-CSF now e2v.

The Quickray digital dental sensor was trademarked and favorably featured in the CRA newsletter dated September 1999.

In 2010 Video Dental was purchased by Denterprise International, Inc, a Developer-Manufacturer-Relabeler of Dental Imaging Products and the new company is expanding its Dental Imaging line worldwide.

We Offer Choice! Size 1 & 2 or “All in one” Digital Dental Sensors

We have listened to our 8,000+ customers who use multiple sensors as well as Dexis’s customer base using a unique size and this is why we are offering conventional size 1 (600mm2) and size 2 (900mm2) as well as size 1.5.

We also believe Mac users should be able to purchase sensors with Direct Interface and this is why we offer QuickRay Mac. You can easily use the QuickRay Mac Plugin to work in MacOS Scanner Mode with RadioVision Stand Alone, MacPractice Imaging, or EndoTrak.

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