Dental X Ray Equipment

Dental X Ray Equipment

Dental x-ray equipment is crucial to every dental practice. Browse Video Dental’s selection of dental x-ray equipment for sale, new and used! We specifically provide a variety from only the most trustworthy, reliable manufacturers in dental imagery. After purchasing a quality digital x-ray sensor, accessorize it with all of the necessary equipment to ensure its quality, ease of use, and longevity. Consider adding our quality dental software for easy and accessible image storage and access of all patient x-ray images.

Dental Sensors

When you purchase digital dental sensors, you are promised longevity, crystal-clear images, and easy connection to the computer and imaging software through USB ports. Our dental sensors are compatible with most major imaging software programs. Our dental sensor software is also compatible with PCs, and Macs, which allows you to share patient x-ray and dental photos between cloud-enabled devices for further consultation, storage, or transfer to another dentistry for reference.

Portable/Stationary Dental X-Ray Generators

Handheld dental x-ray generators are ideal for generating stable, clear x-rays with the least amount of radiation. It is user-friendly, without an intimidating appearance, and incredibly economical. Its lightweight, portable body increases dental radiography speed, which increases the comfort and satisfaction of your patients. Our x-ray generators are accurate, versatile, and have soft movement for accurate positioning for intraoral radiographs and ease of use.

Panoramic and Cephalometric X-Ray

Cephalometric x-rays are extraoral x-rays taken using a panoramic x-ray machine. A cephalometric x-ray allows the dentist to capture a radiographic image of the sides of the face. The images are then seamed into a panoramic image, which shows all of the teeth in one comprehensive image. For your patients, convenience, speed, and comfort are of the utmost importance—why take more x-ray photos than necessary?