Portable X-Ray Generator

What is a Portable X-Ray Generator?
Traditionally, a cumbersome and intimidating wall-mounted x-ray generator is mounted for diagnostic dental imaging. Older model dental x-ray machines will emit large doses of radiation in order to achieve the necessary x-ray image with E-speed film. Additionally, these outdated dental imaging machines are stationary and often times do not adhere to FDA – UDI Compliance guidelines. This makes Video Dental’s revolutionary MobileX Portable X-Ray generator a must-have for new and existing dental practices. Regardless of how small your dental practice may be, the portable x-ray generator provides the dental staff with much-added convenience thru ease of use plus the patient is much more relaxed.
So what makes these portable x-ray generator devices so unique and effective?
Video Dental x-ray generators come with backscatter shields and collimator cones that provide the highest level of safety for the patient as well as the operator. The MobileX portable x-ray generator has an abundance of imaging improvements and features that will help streamline the patient flow in your office. Because they are handheld portable devices, they can stay with you and your patient without the hassle of herding from room to room. These x-ray generators are light, compact and easy to use with a camera-like design. This allows you to take an x-ray at any point during the dental procedure. You stay with your patient to assure proper positioning, thus reducing retakes. The large LCD display is easy to read and makes it extremely user-friendly while its ergonomic design has easy access buttons to access settings and take x-rays.
The state of the art design uses a high-frequency inverter to generate the x-ray output with high voltage DC. In turn, this dental imaging unit exposes the operator and patient to the lowest amount of radiation for any x-ray generator. In addition, a lead-equivalent backscatter shield protects the dentist and dental assistant from any reflected radiation. A single MobileX portable x-ray generator can easily outperform multiple conventional x-ray machines.  This x-ray generator is perfect for special needs patients as well as children. This remarkable device will provide even the most anxious, apprehensive patient a positive outlook on taking an oral x-ray. Their use is ideal for any atmosphere. This includes clinical, hospital, nursing home, home health care, and out of office care. They can even be used in veterinary practices.
As time and technology advances, portable x-ray generators will be adopted as the lead preference for dental practices everywhere.
More Information & Featured Specs
Video Dental has been a worldwide leading dental imaging developer, manufacturer, and distributor since 1989. We have years of experience with dental imaging products and if you call us we can tell you many more benefits and opportunities a portable x-ray generator can provide. This technology is considerably new for many dental professionals but is as easy to learn as point and click.  To ensure your confidence in our product, we put our equipment through rigorous testing and all of our dental imaging products are fully FDA (FDA Registered – K180561) approved as well as UDI compliant.
If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your practice while simultaneously providing a more compassionate and gentle service to your patients, the MobileX is the economic solution you need. Call Video Dental now to get more info on our incredible line of dental imaging products.
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  • Stay With Your Patient the Whole Time
  • Reduce Retakes
  • Ideal for Children & Phobic Patients
  • Take X-rays At Any Point In The Procedure
  • FDA Registered – K180561Portable X-Ray Generator
  • Film, Plate & Sensor Compatibility
  • Smaller, lighter, easier to handle
  • Low Patient Exposure
  • Camera-like Design
  • Portable for Ease of Use
  • No Installation
  • No Walls Required
  • Take X-rays In Any Operatory
  • DC Unit
  • High Image Quality
  • Convenient & Mobile
  • Replaces Wall-Mounted Units

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Portable X-Ray Generator

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