Phosphor Plate Dental Radiography

Phosphor plate dental radiography is a type of digital imaging technology used by a variety of dentistry specialists. Phosphor plate dental radiography is a great tool to have in your arsenal beside your dental x-ray sensor especially if your dental practice has regular days with heavy volume amounts of patients. The greatest advantage to phosphor plate dental radiography technology is the price point, typically much less than digital sensors. You can achieve digital dental imaging with Video Dental’s phosphor plate dental radiography tech that is indistinguishable to the naked eye when compared to the results of traditional dental x-ray sensors.
Video Dental has provided high-quality dentistry technology for over two and a half decades. We strive to provide dentistry specialists with state of the art technology at competitive pricing. This eventually trickles down to the public because as industry technology becomes more affordable so do the services that industry provides to consumers. Video Dental is a strong proponent of the fight for access to dental care for all. We are a team of innovative technology developers.
PSP or photostimulable phosphor is used in phosphor plate dental radiography techniques to retrieve digital images of the teeth and mouth. They work in a fashion similar to film but have various advantages over film such as:

  • It is much more durable than traditional film
  • Eliminated the need for a processor
  • No chemicals are required
  • They are Reusable once erased and sanitized

Video Dental offers prime phosphor plate dental radiography technology that delivers high-resolution dental images that can be processed and moved to a computer quickly and then reused thousands of times. Another attractive feature of phosphor plate dental radiography technology is the low price of replacement sensors when compared to other dental imaging technology.
Over the last few years, phosphor plate dental radiography has gained traction among dentistry professionals. The general consensus from both dentists and dentistry staff is that the transition from film to phosphor plates for digital imaging can bring much convenience. The technology is easy to learn and use. Unlike digital intraoral sensors, there are no cables required for the phosphor plate dental radiography technique.
Phosphor plate imaging brings various advantages with it; the most obvious is, of course, the price point advantage. Phosphor plate dental radiography sensor replacements will typically require one scanner per office, priced in the range of $5,000 – $8,000, plus reusable plates in the range of $25-40.  
Phosphor plates will provide images that can be digitally enhanced, magnified, and reviewed with your patients. These images can also be easily printed and if need be sent to another dental specialist. Phosphor plate dental radiography technology also allows for larger imaging area when compared to hard sensors. The elimination of wire allows the patients to bite down more closely, this permitting a more accurate image of their bone and supporting structures to be captured.
Our team at Video Dental is committed to providing our customers with the best dental imaging technology available. We have been in business since 1989, in this time we have attended over 300 dentistry trade shows. We are also proud board members of the Dental Trade Association. Contact our team of dentistry technology specialists to have any product inquiries addressed or to place an order with us today.

Phosphor Plate Dental Radiography

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