Here's Why Modern Dentists Prefer New X-Ray Technology

Dentistry has come a long way since the start of the twenty-first century, as with all fields of healthcare. Specifically, dental x-ray technology has made leaps and bounds; providing dental professionals with new healthcare options and treatment opportunities. What exactly are these digital x-ray sensors and how are handheld x-ray machines reimagining dental offices around the world? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Digital Sensors?

Digital dental x-ray sensors were designed to solve a long-standing issue for oral care professionals. Since the advent of x-ray technology, patients and dentists have had to perform specific steps to properly capture an image. This inconvenienced the dentist and the patient primarily because both had to wait for the x-ray film to be properly developed.
No one – especially an anxious and nervous patient – likes to be forced to wait (including dentists and dental technicians). In contrast, digital sensors are easy to handle, comfortable, and highly efficient; quickly providing high-resolution digital images in seconds. When combined, digital sensors and handheld x-ray machines improve the overall experience for patients and dentists alike.

Using Digital Sensors

There are many impressive benefits to using new dental x-ray technologies. Perhaps the most beneficial facet is the speed at which they can deliver high-resolution images to the user. This allows dental professionals to quickly examine and diagnose a patient’s condition without the need to wait for x-ray film to be developed.
Another positive to the efficient and beneficial technology is the reduced radiation exposure for dentists and patients. In the past, patients would need to wear a specialized cover while the dentist or dental technician would take cover behind a wall. Now the x-rays can be taken at the patient’s side, ensuring the first shot captured is perfect, all while reducing the radiological exposure to patients and dentists.

What to Consider Before Buying

Purchasing a digital sensor can be a new experience for anyone unfamiliar with the new innovations. So, before purchasing, keep in mind a few important things to consider about this new technology. Currently, there are a few different types of digital dental sensors on the market with a variety of differing attributes and functions.
It is important to research and compare the variety of models on the market. Remember to take special note of not just cost but also: technical support, warranty options, customer service, and replacement plans. This is a long-term investment for any dental office and should be treated accordingly. View the features of our best-selling QuickRay sensor for more information.

Stepping Into The Future of Dentistry

Digital sensors and handheld x-ray machines are truly revolutionary for dentistry and dental patients. By providing fast, efficient, and high-quality images, digital sensors offer dentists and dental technicians a high-tech way to examine, diagnose, and develop an effective treatment plan.
Considering the many benefits, it’s no wonder forward thinking dentists, dental technicians, and dental groups are replacing their old and outdated dental technology with these next-generation devices. If it’s time to modernize your practice, contact Video Dental for a complimentary consultation. 
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