The Ultimate Portable Dental X-Ray Solution is Here

The MobileX Portable Dental X-Ray Solution is Here

The newest offering from Video Dental Concepts provides dental offices everywhere the ultimate portable dental X-ray solution. MobileX is the premier handheld x-ray generator capable of elevating dental groups from ordinary to extraordinary. Highly efficient and easy to use, MobileX is both economically accessible and technologically advanced. With the help of its Toshiba oil-filled tube, this portable x-ray generator delivers a stable x-ray for crisp, high-res images.    MobileX is shaped like a common camera – an added benefit thanks to its familiar, friendly appearance. Visit Video Dental Concepts online to view more innovative dental imaging equipment (such as dental x-ray sensors, intraoral cameras, and CBCT imaging equipment) or continue reading to find out what makes  MobileX the ultimate portable dental x-ray solution.

5 Reasons Your Dental Center Needs An Imaging Upgrade

1. Early detection can save your patients money and prevent painful procedures.
Dental hygiene is a proactive practice that is often neglected. It can be difficult to instill the importance of good dental habits (in patients of any age), but with clear images, it is much easier to explain.  MobileX makes it easy to capture amazingly clear x-ray images in high-resolution to make early detection possible. This way you can show your patients exactly what is going on and how they can help prevent future procedures.
2. Make your dental practice appear more modern and friendly.
We are all familiar with bulky wall-mounted x-ray units. In contrast, MobileX is specifically designed in a handheld, camera-like shape. This makes taking dental x-rays much less intimidating and helps ease the anxieties of nervous patients. It is light enough for any member of your team to use and can be utilized at any point during the procedure, reducing the overall number of retakes.
3. Minimize patient exposure to x-radiation.
If your dental center still uses a wall-mounted unit, then you know how much care goes into patient and operator safety.  There may be a wall standing between the technician or dentist taking the image and often a need for heavy vests.  If the arm drifts, you will need to reposition and take another x-ray.    By comparison, with MobileX the operator stays with the patient to assure proper positioning, reducing retakes.  The backscatter shield protects the operator from harmful radiation exposure. MobileX also uses less power than wall-mounted units.

4. Teach any member of your team to utilize the technology.
Just tell the patient you need to take a picture of their teeth, point and shoot. That’s it!  Traditional wall-mounted x-ray units often call for more specialized training to teach people how to safely use the machine. This portable dental x-ray generator can be utilized by any member of your team with minimal training for handheld operations.
5. Take your dental practice on-the-go. 
Hospitals, nursing homes, and even veterinary practices all utilize the MobileX due to its easy-to-use functionality and lightweight portability. This means you can take the ultimate portable dental x-ray solution on-the-go to help even more patients than before! And since you are able to stay with your patient the whole time, you can make sure the first shot is the right shot!
Visit Video Dental Concepts online to learn more or click here to for key features and specs of the MobileX.

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