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Intraoral X Ray sensors and cameras have revolutionized the dental industry since they came to fruition. Not only did they eliminate the frightening and bulky older X Ray machines, but provide images with much higher detail than ever before. And this is all done with considerably smaller intraoral X Ray equipment. So what sets our handheld X Ray camera and intraoral dental sensors apart from our competitors? Simply put, price, warranty, and support. Continue reading to find out more about what makes us the best choice for these new, innovative products and why more dental offices continue to choose us. Visit our website for additional information by clicking the following link provided here: Video Dental.

Intraoral X Ray | Our Digital Dental Sensors

The digital dental sensors that we develop and distribute to dental offices throughout the world are superior for a variety of different reasons. Each of these areas was well thought out by our designers and decided on by our team members that have been a part of developing intraoral imaging software since the beginning.
We provide our QuickRay and UniRay HD intraoral X Ray sensors at a fair and competitive price. Furthermore, with everything that comes with our digital dental sensors, they provide the best overall value. In other words, our customers get the best product for less money, longer warranties, and award-winning support.
The warranty options we offer for all our QuickRay and UniRay HD intraoral X Ray sensors come in two different options. There is a 2-year plan with no annual fee and an optional replacement plan. There is also a 7-year plan with no annual fee and an optional replacement plan. We are proud of our products and guarantee their efficiency.
If you have any issues or complications with our intraoral X Ray sensors then our support staff is here to help. Our support staff is awarded for their emphasis on customer satisfaction and holds an expert knowledge in every one of the products that we distribute. Once you purchase our product you can quickly get in touch with our CareTeam staff members via phone, email, or directly in an online chat available through our website.

  • Housing: Durable Polyamide
  • Size: Less than ¼”
  • Cable: Polyurethane, Replaceable
  • Chip: CMOS Imaging Sensor
  • Software: Apertyx & Universal
  • CSI Scintillator
  • Shielding Foils

Intraoral X Ray | About Us

Video Dental is a worldwide leading provider of innovative dental imaging equipment. We began developing our dental imaging equipment back in 1989 and have been a part of this industry since it first began. Our mission is to find solutions for improving dental imaging equipment and distributing it at a reasonable price directly to dental practices. CONTACT US if you have any additional questions.
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Intraoral X Ray

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