Why You Should Buy Your Intraoral X Ray Sensor from Video Dental

Introduction to the Intraoral X Ray Sensor from Video Dental:

In this article I will touch on a variety of different reasons to buy your intraoral X Ray sensor from our team at Video Dental. In short, we supersede all of our competitors in three important categories:

  • Warranty 
  • Price
  • Customer Support 

I will include a chart that compares our intraoral X Ray sensor to those offered by our competitors and prove to you why we are the best option in our respective industry. Continue reading if you are interested in replacing or purchasing your new intraoral X Ray sensor from a reputable business that has been involved in this area since it was originally engineered. Please visit our website for more information on the products discussed in this article or to find out more about who we are at the link provided here: Video Dental

Benefits of Buying your Intraoral X Ray Sensor from Video Dental:

Our team at Video Dental has a fairly simple mission: We aim to manufacture, develop, and distribute state of the art digital imaging equipment for dental practices at a reasonable price while focusing on exceptional customer service for our clients. Put into practice, this mission has allowed us to gain a wide following and deserved respect from the customers we handle. We provide a warranty option for all of the products we sell and guarantee their ability to function as well as promised. We also maintain a customer service support that is unlike any other in our professional field that wants nothing more than to help dental practices looking to provide better service and experiences for their dental patients.
Intraoral X Ray Sensor
Our warranty option comes with a guaranteed replacement plan that allows us to stand by the products we promote and provide. On our website you can find the simple Warranty Registration Form that we request filled out for any clients concerned with having complications when using our intraoral X Ray sensor or any of the other innovative dental imaging equipment we distribute. If you submit this Warranty Registration Form within 30 days of the initial product installation then we will stand firm on our promise to warrant the product should you come across any unforeseen issues.
Video Dental also offers a CareTeam Sensurance plan to finance our products. This eliminates the need for leasing dental equipment and allows you to own the products you purchase outright in a short amount of time. It also comes with Customer Support that puts the needs of our customers first. This way you can speak with us if you have any questions about using our products and can get expert advice on how to get the most from your purchase.

Intraoral X Ray Sensor Comparison Chart:


QuickRay UniRay HD Dentimax Dexis XDR CareStream (Kodak)
Warranty 2 Year Warranty & 7-Year No Annual Fee Replacement Plan Included 18 months incl, 5 year extended warranty available 1 year included, then $1,500 – $2,000/year 2 years included, 5 year extended warranty available 3 years included, 5 year extended warranty available
Leading Image Quality* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cut Corners Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Replaceable cord Yes No Yes No Yes No
“Box-less” Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Box Built on Cord
Standard Software QuickImage QuickImage Dentimax Imaging Dexis Imaging XDR Software Kodak Dental Imaging (KDIS)
Independent Software Yes (Apteryx) Yes (Apteryx) Yes (Apteryx) No (Danaher) No (XDR) No (Kodak)
Universal Software (Works with other maker’s devices) Yes Yes Yes Limited Yes No
Sensor compatible with other maker’s SW Yes DentalEye and MiPACS only Yes DentalEye only Yes Yes
Compatible with Windows 7,8,10 7,8,10 7,8 7,8 7,8
Compatible w/Mac Yes No Yes No Yes No
Company History Established in 1989 Established in 1989 Established in 1998 Established in 2002 Originally Trophy, sold to Kodak, then sold to Carestream


Who We Are:

Video Dental is a leading innovator and provider of cutting-edge dental imaging equipment that has attended over 300 trade shows and has been a well-respected mainstay in this industry since 1989. We invent, design, and contract exclusively our products to market them directly to Dental Practices through our network of dental technology integrators and associated partners. Find out more about our products or about our team and mission at Video Dental. You can also find us on Facebook here: Video Dental

Intraoral X Ray Sensor

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