Intraoral Sensor

Technological advances in the dental x-ray imaging field are continuous, as chipset speeds increase, they become more powerful.  When a dental practice decides to invest in a digital intraoral sensor it will be the leading dental tool that will have the most impact on ROI and overall profit margins.  Speed and efficiency at a dental practice are key when diagnosing patients and prescribing a treatment plan.  To not invest in newer digital dental imaging technology is like playing ostrich while ignoring the pack of hyenas or pride of lions circling their hole.
Intraoral SensorThere are many options to consider when you have to choose the right intraoral sensor.   Integration with dental imaging software is key.  How well does the manufacturer support their products?  Proper sizing is crucial to fit the varying mouth sizes of adults and pediatric patients. Service and warranty are vital elements that must be weighed heavily when making such an important decision for your dental practice.
Video Dental allows you to purchase your intraoral sensor with complete assurance, with a well-made product and the strongest warranty policy you will find for any intraoral sensor.  Product quality, skilled support and loyalty to our customers are behind our superior 7 year no annual fee replacement plan.  QuickRay sensors also come with a two year warranty that protects your dental practice against manufacturing defects.  The seven year replacement cost guarantee against accidental damage has no enrollment fees or annual fees.  Our US based support team has been at the forefront of dental imaging technology since its inception.  Need help with your intraoral sensors?  No problem, as our dental imaging experts can login remotely to your machines and help with any issues related to your dental imaging software.
General maintenance and care is crucial to extending their lifetime, as improper use and handling of the sensor and cable are the primary reasons for most imaging system anomalies.  A Video Dental sensor is engineered and developed to withstand years of normal use.  Everyday wear and tear is not a factor with Video Dental Sensors..  
Sensor Care has many do’s and dont’s that experienced and novice dental imaging sensor user’s (dental assistants, dental hygienist and the dentist) should be well informed about.  Below are quick bullet points but we will cover these topics in more detail in the next blog article about dental sensors.

  • Handle the intraoral sensor gently
  • Use a new sheath with each and every patient
  • Grasp both the USB connector and the interface when you disconnect the intraoral sensor from the interface.
  • Store the intraoral sensor in a proper holder or holster when it’s not in use.
  • Disinfect the intraoral sensor after each use with an approved disinfectant.
  • Keep the intraoral sensor off the ground at all times.
  • Make sure the intraoral sensor you choose is backed by great service, support and a strong warranty.
  • Use only the correct dental positioners (rings / rods / bite blocks).
  • Repeat the first bullet point at all times and handle the intraoral sensor gently.


  • Coil or wind up intraoral sensor cables – it is certain to decrease lifespan.
  • Let the sensor cable hang and dangle on or near the ground where it can be stepped on, tripped on or become tangled with furniture or equipment.
  • Do not allow the cable to hang near a drawer where it can easily become kinked, bent or crimped.
  • Pulling on the sensor cable to remove the sheath is a large No No.  Terminations and connections are vulnerable on all electronics and should be inserted and removed gingerly.
  • Do not tangle and loop the cable during use.
  • Warn the patient  not to bite down hard on the intraoral sensor.
  • Absolutely never clamp a hemostat or any other type of medical instrument to the intraoral sensor.
  • NO NO Autoclave the sensor.
  • NO NO NO Soak the sensor.

Quit playing the ostrich game and be the lion.  Contact Video Dental with any questions or concerns about Intraoral Sensors and Intraoral Cameras.

Intraoral Sensor

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