How to Maintain Your Digital Dental Sensor

Digital Dental Sensors

How To Protect Your Dental Sensor Investment

One of the biggest problems that occurs with Dental Sensors and X-Ray technologies is having them fail after their warranty has expired. The usual life expectancy of these machines is about 5 years with everyday use.

However, failures often occur before this expected time, due to lack of care or other circumstances. Here are a few tips that will be a big help in properly maintaining your Dental Sensor and ensuring your investments last long-term.

When Not In Use

When the sensor is not in use, make sure it is kept in a safe place while being mindful that the connected cords are not in any severe bends or twists. Providing as little stress as possible helps a lot in increasing the longevity of the machine.

When having to disconnect and reconnect the cords, it is wise to have another USB extension which will cause less stress to the cord and is also replaceable. It is highly recommended that the cord remain under as little stress as possible, especially at the point where the cord meets the machine.

When In Use

When the sensor is in use, it is important be mindful of how patients bite on it. Tell them to close their mouths slowly on the sensor in order to reduce pinching the cord with their teeth. Cotton swabs are also fair game in ensuring that patients don’t bite the sensor too severely.

Use the recommended straps and sheaths in order to properly position the sensor and its cords exit point.

When Being Cleaned

Not all sensors can be cleaned by submerging them in disinfectant. If it is not clearly stated in the user manual, the safest option would be to wipe the sensor with alcohol.

These tips will certainly increase the longevity of your sensor. It is important, however, that these practices are kept up consistently by all who use them, to maximize the longevity of your sensor.

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