How Portable X-Ray Systems Are Changing Dentistry

The popularity of portable x-ray systems for dental imaging continues to rise. These handheld x-ray generators are functional, efficient, and generally easy to use. For this reason, dental groups are embracing the new and exciting opportunities both in America and on an international scale.
This growing popularity comes down to a few general benefits now welcomed both by the dental industry and other professional fields. For instance, the need for radiography is just as big in veterinary practices as it is in most medical fields. Portable x-ray machines provide professionals in these fields an added level of functionality previously unavailable – until now.

Portable X-Ray Systems vs. Wall-Mounted X-Ray Units

The portable x-ray generator is a smaller, compact version of the wall-mounted dental x-ray unit. Wall-mounted x-ray machines are still commonly used in dental practices, but they are bulky, immobile, and come with a higher degree of health risks.
In contrast, the portable x-ray machine is a lightweight and handheld unit. These systems are capable of delivering comparable high-resolution x-ray images and are typically much more user-friendly.
Highlighted Benefits:

  • Easy to Use (no skilled training necessary)
  • Lightweight (average weight of 5-8 pounds)
  • Mobile (can be used outside the office)
  • Less Exposure Time (minimum health risks to patients)
  • Reduced Retakes (remain with the patient during imaging)

The other reason portable x-ray generators give professionals an advantage is the improved ability to obtain x-ray images with the patient. Since the unit can be used anywhere, the dentist or technician can remain by the patient’s side during the imaging process to ensure that each image is perfect.
Portable x-ray machines operate using considerably less power than wall-mounted units and still deliver comparably clear and crisp x-ray images. They connect to a computer using a simple USB cable and take as little as 3 seconds to get the image.

Patients Prefer Modern Practices

One of the other common reasons portable x-ray systems have become so popular is the increased customer demand. New patients prefer choosing modern dental practices to older centers and many will even choose to change their current dentist if the equipment used is not up-to-date.
In fact, portable x-ray services have become a regular find in major cities, too. Dental patients with injuries or handicaps can have a hard time getting to and from appointments. Portable x-ray services are one way these patients can have the necessary x-ray images performed without the discomfort of being transported.
Locations like nursing homes, mental health facilities, or even pet owners incapable of easily transporting the animal are known to utilize these services. The many other potential applications for portable x-ray services are still growing as more people become familiar with this practical x-ray imaging solution.
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