Mobile X: Handheld XRay Benefits

Handheld XRay Benefits

High-end xray equipment is a mainstay in dental offices across the world. After all, if you’re going to do good work, you need access to great xrays. And if you’re going to produce great xrays, you’d better be sure you’re safe from excess radiation.

There’s a lot to factor in. And, when we consider new technology and the various handheld XRay benefits, there’s twice as much,

Join us today, as we break down three of the biggest reasons to invest in a handheld xray unit for your dental practice.


One of the first benefits to any handheld device is right there in the name. Being portable gives you more room to maneuver, more options for using the device in interesting ways, and bring it from room to room.

Handheld xrays are easy to transfer from one user to another during radiography work. You’ll be able to handle xray work right there in the operatory without the need for a standalone radiography room. This spares everyone the inconveniences of moving from room to room. In addition, your staff will also be freed up from accompanying your patients and can focus on other work.


Portable xray units also save you time setting up equipment when capturing xrays. Point your Mobile X in the direction needed and let the machine do its work. You don’t have to tether yourself to anything, and the user interface focuses on quick, easy work that reduces retakes.

With rechargeable batteries and a completely hands-free unit, portable xrays make dental imaging easier, so you can get more work done.


Something that goes vastly underestimated is a mobile xray unit’s improved safety over traditional tech. The Mobile X features a built-in shield to prevent radiation from scattering over the unit and onto your exposed body. Radiation is a forgone conclusion when it comes to xrays, but mobile xray units like the Mobile X help to keep it from splashing back onto the user.

Handheld XRay Benefits

In modern technology, it’s hard to overstate the benefits of handheld devices, and xray units are no different. With improved mobility, user friendly design, and better safety, the handheld xray benefits listed here should be more than enough to convince any dentist.

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