Handheld Dental X-Ray Machine

Introducing the MobileX Handheld Dental X-Ray Machine

Video Dental Concepts is proud to announce the recent release of one of our most innovative and useful dental equipment units. The MobileX is a handheld dental x-ray generator that is the perfect option for dental groups looking to take their practice to the next level. It is both economical and user-friendly. Equipped with an advanced Toshiba oil-filled tube, the MobileX provides a stable x-ray for clear, crisp, high-resolution images. And its camera-like design makes the portable dental x-ray unit appear more friendly than a ray gun. Learn more about the MobileX handheld dental x-ray machine below, or shop for more dental imaging equipment by visiting our website at www.VideoDental.com.

5 Benefits of the MobileX Handheld Dental X-Ray Machine

  1. Stable x-ray generator creates clear high-resolution images for early diagnosis.

Dental health is a proactive practice. We believe the same should be true for dentists and dental groups. The MobileX provides clear high-resolution x-ray images to make early detection and diagnosing easier. This means addressing dental issues sooner, saving your patients both time and money.

  1. Convenient shape and design add portability.

Portable dental x-ray machines like the MobileX are compact units with powerful capabilities. It comes in a camera-like design and is light enough for anyone to use. It can also be used at any point during dental procedures and reduces the number of overall retakes.

  1. Minimize patient exposure to harmful x-rays.

Traditionally, dental imaging was done at wall-mounted units while the technician or dentist stood behind a wall. The MobileX is relatively low power compared to wall-mounted x-rays and can be used without the patient being moved. It minimizes the amount of exposure time patients endure during the x-ray imaging process. And the backscatter shield further protects the dentist or technician from harmful radiation exposure, as well.

  1. User-friendly operation makes it as easy as point and shoot.

The operating instructions to use the MobileX are simple. There is minimal need for specialized training. Its camera-like shape adds a certain familiarity. It really is as simple as pointing the dental x-ray generator where you want and pressing a button.

  1. Perfect x-ray imaging solution for difficult patients in any atmosphere.

If you have ever had a difficult patient that wouldn’t sit still long enough to get a clear x-ray image, you aren’t alone. An added benefit of the MobileX x-ray generator is its diverse functionality. It’s so small that it can be used anywhere. Hospitals, nursing homes, and clinical offices all utilize its gift. You stay with your patient during the entire procedure to make sure the first shot is the right shot.
Click here to read more information and specs about the MobileX dental x-ray machine.
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Handheld Dental X-Ray Machine

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