Taking the step to dip your toes into digital dentistry may seem like a giant leap. It can be a daunting decision to the uninformed and the misinformed, but it can also be an exciting, thrilling decision to those who are well informed. 

In today’s episode, we’ll list down some advantages and disadvantages of going digital to help you move towards the right direction.  


Improved quality of care– We can serve our patients better by providing an awesome, pleasant dental experience. For example, intraoral scanners reduce the use of taking alginate or vps impressions… No gagging= happier patients! Happy patients = more referrals!! 

More predictable results– When it comes to implants and full mouth rehab, CBCT can help us do better treatment planning for more successful outcomes. Thorough digital planning saves you from in-office guess-timates! 

Better patient communication – Intraoral cameras and digital sensors give us better tools while discussing with patients. They help patients see what we are seeing in their mouths. No more second guessing by the patients if we are telling them the truth!  

More efficient workflow- Technology can make our lives and our assistants’ lives easier. Take x-ray taking as an example- analog= point, shoot, leave the room, process, go back to the room; digital = point, shoot, voila!  



There is a learning curve- As with any form of technology, it takes time to learn and master it. Patience and cooperation from all the staff members are required to make it work!  

There is a cost to it- When you go digital, you are trading your time, effort and efficiency with money. Think of it this way: Would you rather spend 40min to 1 hour for a full mouth series with repeats or just 20-30 minutes with retakes if needed? What is the cost of your time? How valuable is it to you?  

Computer dependency– Take this digital route and most (if not all) your procedures will be dependent on your computer network. Once your network is down, you can’t do anything! This is especially true for procedures requiring x-rays first before working on the patient. 

Change– There will be changes in the way you do dentistry when it comes to workflows and scheduling patients. Expect resistance from some of your staff members… After all, not everyone welcomes change with open arms. 


There are definitely PROs and CONs when going digital. You must weigh them carefully and decide what is best for you, your patients, and your staff. If you need more information about the different technologies available to you, visit our website at www.videodental.com or call us at (800-323-2690)! We’d be happy to assist you with your digital needs. 


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