Going Digital: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple St**id!)

Going Digital: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple St**id!)

If you’ve been following our series, you know that leveling up your practice into the digital world is inevitable. We’ve shown you the pros and cons that you must consider carefully (and we hope you really did!). We’ve also given you a glimpse of what’s in and what’s out  in the world of dentistry today 

So now, maybe you are asking yourself: How do I really make the transition to digital dentistry? Where do I start? Which one do I buy first?  

Well, today is your lucky day! We’re giving you our TOP 3 tips to make going digital painless and easy!  

TIP #1: Only buy the technology you understand.  

Do your research and read about this new gadget that you are eyeing. How simple is it to use? How many hours do you need to learn it? Do you need to take CE classes to use the technology? How easy will it be for your staff to learn the technology? Do you need to purchase other equipment or software to use it fully? These are just some guide questions to ask yourself before making that purchase. 


TIP #2: Identify staff members who are into technology and ask them to be onboard with you. 

You cannot do digital dentistry by yourself. You must have a dedicated and fully supportive staff members to delegate tasks to.  You must be willing to train them yourself or pay for their continuing education to master the technology. And once you’re getting a good return on your investment, consider giving them a pay raise as well. 😊  


TTP #3: Start with the BASICS 

Digital dentistry doesn’t have to be a go big or go home decision. You can start small and go from there! Here are some digital dentistry essentials: 

  1. Intraoral Camera – As mentioned in our earlier article, an intraoral camera allows the patient to see their present oral condition. Once they see it, they can’t unsee it! 👀👀 This will help them own their problems and make them more receptive to having dental work done.  
  1. Digital X-ray sensors– Taking FMX and bitewings are way easier with digital sensors! Your assistants will love you and your patients will be impressed as well. Digital x-rays will also allow you to diagnose better due to better quality radiographs.  
  1. Practice Management Software– Going paperless and having a practice management software will save you time and office space and it will increase your efficiency and productivity. You can keep track of key performance/practice indicators and boost your production month after month.  
  1. Digital Panoramic Machine– Aside from the benefit of instant view on your screen, the accompanying software of most panoramic machines is very useful to help you in your treatment planning.  
  1. Dental CBCT Machine- If you really want to give your patients a comprehensive dental diagnosis, the CBCT will certainly give you that capability. CBCT will become the gold standard in dental diagnosis one of these days (if it isn’t yet!). Investing in one will enable you to really serve your patients well and will allow you to offer more specialized dental care. 

There you have it! Now you are ready to begin your digital dentistry journey with a 💋💋💋!  

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