Ep4- Going Digital: Intraoral Cameras Must Haves

Ep4- Going Digital: Intraoral Cameras Must Haves

In our previous articles, it was obvious that we couldn’t stress enough the basic need of having an intraoral (I/O) camera. This is the bare minimum of going digital. I/O cameras are essential tools to have better patient communication and increased case acceptance.  


Things to look for in an intraoral camera: 

  1. Lightweight- I/O cameras must be ergonomic and leave a small footprint. This will make navigation inside the mouth easier and would take up less counter space when not in use.  
  1. Easy to use – point and shoot cameras were a hit for this very reason. The same principle applies to I/O cameras – everybody just wants to point, click then voila! 
  1. Integrates with your practice management software (PMS)- for practice efficiency, you’d want all your devices to connect seamlessly with your PMS. So, make sure your PMS is listed on their supported integrations before you make your purchase. 
  1. High Resolution – The point of taking pictures is to save them in your charts and to show them to patients. Clear, high-quality pictures will already make your case and prove your point.  
  1. Adjustable focus- Some I/O cameras have fixed focus and some have adjustable focus. An advantage of having adjustable focus is you can use the camera for I/O or extraoral use.  
  1. Reliable customer service- While most of the I/O cameras are USB type plug-and-play devices, sometimes, you just need extra help in troubleshooting when something does not seem right.  
  1. Cost effective – good I/O cameras need not be expensive. You can always find one that’s a bang for your buck.  

With that said, check out these I/O cameras: 


This I/O camera was designed with simplicity in mind– no nonsense, straightforward picture taking with just a click of a button. Though the camera focus is fixed, this camera still delivers an excellent image once you find just the right distance from the object.  To top it off, iCam integrates easily with Dexis, Apteryx, X-Ray Vision, EasyDent, OpenDental, Eaglesoft, Suni, Cliniview, Kodak, XDR, Schick, ImageXL, Umbie & More.  You definitely can’t go wrong with this investment!


Check out these actual photos… 

looks like patient has a thin , translucent enamel at the lingual of upper incisors..


Yes sir, you still have some silver/ amalgam fillings left…


How does it compare to our “must haves” checklist?

QuickCam Duo Alpha

QuickCam Alpha Duo serves as both I/O and EXTRAORAL camera.  You can now take quick full face, arch and quadrant shots from the same handpiece!  No more device switching or blurry extraoral photos for you! Talk about a sweet 2-in-1 deal!

In addition, QuickCam Duo Alpha works with all leading imaging software and can be used in conjunction with existing cameras.


See some shots taken:

Yeah, there are some light stains on the teeth.. Do you drink coffee?
There might be a cavity there.. or maybe just some food debris.. We’ll let the Dr. check…
You might be due for your 6 months cleaning.. There’s a little build up on the sides of your teeth…
I guess I forgot to say cheese! 😊
Yeah, minor orthodontic treatment can help align your lower teeth. You might be a good candidate for clear aligners!


How does it compare to our “must haves” checklist?