Digital X Ray Sensors

Digital X ray sensors are the latest technology that improves the dental imaging industry. They bring comfort and efficiency to the radiography department of dental offices. Video Dental is a leading innovator in the dental imaging industry and offers digital sensors and other products for dental offices across the world. Visit our website for a full view of our entire catalog of digital X ray sensors and the other products we provide for our clients.

Digital imaging for dental purposes now uses digital X ray sensors in addition to connected networks and applicable software. Digital sensors work in hand with intraoral cameras and are a more convenient way of providing X ray images for dentists to properly diagnose teeth and oral complications.

Sized to accommodate both adult sized mouths and child-sized mouths, digital X ray sensors are also easy to use with intraoral cameras and minimize exposure to harmful radiation. They are housed in a durable polyamide casing and are less than a quarter inch in size to maximize their comfort for dental patients. They are equipped with a CMOS imaging sensor chip, a CSI scintillator, shock absorbers, shielding foils, and a polyurethane cable. Another useful feature is the digital X ray sensors ability to work directly with a built-in USB 2.0 interface with plug and play functionality. This feature also includes the ability to operate two separate digital X ray sensors at a time and each of these specifications keeps our products in proper working order for a long time.

The use of digital X ray sensors is a fairly new innovation in the dental industry. Where large X ray machines were once the norm for all dentist offices the incorporation of digital X ray sensors offers dentists more brilliant images for their patients. The advantage to this is a quicker, more accurate reading of these images through the radiography department and inevitably saves dental patients money by preventing continued visits to address the dental issue.

Digital X ray sensors work in hand with intraoral cameras to provide this high-resolution imaging technology. Intraoral cameras are handheld devices that work with digital X ray sensors for these pictures to exist. Both of these technologies are practical applications for dental offices that desire an improved customer experience and are an affordable option through our business at Video Dental.

Video Dental is a provider of digital X ray sensors, intraoral cameras, and other innovative dental equipment. We have remained a top developer and provider of these products for decades and know all the nuances of the dental industry. For more information about our sensors, cameras, and other products visit our website at the provided link here: Video Dental. Contact Us with any questions you may have about how we can help you and your dental office. Check us out on Facebook here: Video Dental

Digital X Ray Sensors

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