Digital X-Ray Imaging

Digital X-ray imaging equipment has seen pretty vast improvements over the last decades. These improvements have come in both the form of digital dental sensors and intraoral cameras. Many dental offices have recognized the overall improved experience the changes to digital X-ray imaging equipment offers to their patients, but can often become confounded in choosing where to buy these groundbreaking products from. Fortunately, Video Dental has been leading the way for digital X-ray imaging technology for dental offices throughout the world.
Our direct relationships with manufacturers and suppliers allow us to provide products at lower prices we helped to develop ourselves, solidifying our status as the world’s leading provider of dental X-ray equipment. Continue reading to find out what exactly sets us apart from our competitors and why we continue to succeed in our respective industry. You can also take a more investigative look at who we are and see the various digital dental sensors, intraoral cameras, and other associated digital X-ray imaging equipment on our website. You can access it by following the link provided here: Video Dental.

Digital X-Ray Imaging | Our Products

In order to be a complete source for X-ray dental imaging equipment, we had to figure out ways to continually improve the products we already know and love. We have been continuously discovering innovative solutions that build on each of the products we distribute since first being involved in the development of digital dental sensors over 25 years ago. Please take a look at any of the following links to see a more detailed description and other related dental equipment separated into the categories below:
Digital X-Ray Imaging

Digital X-Ray Imaging | Why Video Dental

Every product that we distribute to our clients comes with an exceptional customer service package. If there ever comes a time where you need help setting up your new equipment, have an issue making it work as efficiently as you want, or just need simple troubleshooting support, we are here. You can reach us via phone, email, or even interact with us directly via live chat on our website.
Not only does our equipment come with two warranty options that exceed the standards of our competitors, but there are also no annual fees, thus eliminating accruing excessive costs. We also stand by our products with a product replacement guarantee option.
Simply put, our products have the best overall value for all digital X-ray imaging equipment on the market. Our clients know they are getting the most cutting-edge equipment at comparable prices with a company they can trust. We even offer a CareTeam Sensurance plan that helps dental offices own their dental equipment outright in a short period of time. CONTACT US to learn more!
About Us
Video Dental has been a part of the dental imaging equipment industry since 1989. Our mission is to utilize our well-connected network of partners to provide new dental imaging equipment directly to dental offices at affordable prices. We have attended over 300 trade shows, and look forward to being a part of many more in the near future.
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Digital X-Ray Imaging

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