Digital vs Traditional | Best Dental Impressions

Digital vs Traditional |  Best Dental Impressions

Taking dental impressions is an important first step to many operations in a dental office. You can offer your patients traditional impressions or digital impressions Digital impressions have less margin of error and less time consuming. Here are the specs on each form of dental impressions.

The Processes

Traditional impressions  are made when a dentist uses putty in the mouth of a patient and letting it hardent to create an impression of the patient’s mouth. Molds are created after that to produce a correction plan. This can be a lengthy process and other impressions may be needed.

Digital Impressions are taken when a dentists uses an intraoral scanner to  digitally scan the mouth of the patient. It then creates 3D images of the mouth, allowing the dentist to fabricate a correctional plan digitally.

Benefits of Digital Impressions

Digital impressions take less time to complete. A complete impression can take merely a couple of minutes, whereas traditional impressions may take much longer and need to be done more than once.

They are also comfortable for the patient. Creating a nice visit for patients ensures they will come back for all their dental needs. With traditional impressions, the putty can trigger the gag reflex making the whole ordeal very uncomfortable.

The chance of human error is also severely reduced as the scans are digitally sent to the fabricator which will create an accurate copy. Digital impressions are almost never retaken.

They are also more eco friendly, requiring less energy and resources to complete. As stated before, the traditional impressions often require a second turn since there is a higher margin for error.

These are the main reasons to choose digital impressions over traditional impressions. Visit Video Dental to get the highest quality intraoral scanners to ensure efficient energy use, positive patient visits, more efficient use of time and resource, and accurate fabrication all in one easy switch.

In the world of dental technologies, the world of dentistry has become more efficient and user friendly. Visit Video Dental to be on top of the latest dental technological trends around the world.