What Are Digital Intraoral Sensors?

What are digital intraoral sensors? How do digital intraoral sensors benefit dental patients? How hard are digital sensors to use? I am going to address these questions and more to help enlighten you on this innovative new technology.

Digital Intraoral Sensors

Simply put, digital intraoral sensors are X-ray imaging equipment that brings improved resolution images to dentists to help their patients. No longer is there a need for endangering dental patients to the frightening X-ray machines that exposed them to harmful radiation.

Remember the giant vests that were once common instruments used for X-ray images during your dental visit? Digital intraoral sensors eliminate the need for the exposure, these vests, and the giant machines that were once necessary for such high-quality images. Digital Intraoral Sensors

But now the next question you probably have is are they as efficient as the old equipment? Actually, they offer dental offices better images more quickly with easily operated equipment. The digital intraoral sensors have a pristine image quality that is delivered in high-resolution directly through a USB port. Obviously, this gives a trained dentist the ability to better diagnosis any oral or dental problem in a quicker and more efficient time frame and saves the patients from additional costs with repeated visits.

Now, how exactly do they work? Are they uncomfortable? Absolutely not. Digital intraoral sensors are built with rounded corners, smooth edges, and come in two sizes. They have an extra softening cover with removable silicon. This is to ensure that digital intraoral sensors fit any size mouth, for children or adults. And all of this can take place with the dental patient comfortably in his or her chair. They bring X-ray images in view for the dentist in as little as three seconds, making it quicker than any imaging technology used before.

For dental offices, here are the technical specs on the newest digital intraoral sensors:

  • Durable Polyamide Housing
  • Less than ¼ of an Inch in SizeDigital Intraoral Sensors
  • CMOS Imaging Sensor Chip
  • CSI Scintillator
  • Shielding Foils
  • Polyurethane Cable
  • Shock Absorbers

This keeps them all in proper working order for a long time. They don’t even need an external power connection, have a built-in USB 2.0 interface, and offer plug and play functionality. You can even operate two sensors at once directly to the computer system.

Digital Intraoral Sensors

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For videos regarding the use and imaging of intraoral sensors visit our YouTube page.

Digital Intraoral Sensors

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