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Digital Impressions & shades your lab will love

Digital Duo for ONLY $13,995*

(computer included)

Rayplicker Shade Matcher

Color analysis is a crucial part of the tooth repair and replacement process. After all, a new tooth shouldn’t look new. It should look like the rest of your teeth. Though many claim to have a trained eye for shade matching, other environmental factors can prove that false. The Rayplicker QuickShade’s calibrating tips eliminate external factors making for an accurate shade match every time! Don’t guess at the color and shade of your work, anymore. Rayplicker QuickShade uses spectrophotometry to scan, analyze, and flawlessly match the shade of any tooth in a matter of minutes! Rayplicker QuickShade: Another great product from Video Dental


QuickScanIOS V2


Accurate, digital impression scans

What’s new in the V2?

-sleek design
-increased scanning area for faster scans
-improved base and cable management
-reinforced cable connection
-heating element in hand piece

The QuickScan IOS is powderless and offers full color digital scans. It is equipped with the latest technology of the new generation of intraoral scanners. It is compatible with any CAD/CAM software which accepts PLY and STL (the standard across the industry) files.  Tested by independent labs, it’s accuracy and performance is comparable to other leading scanners but at a fraction of the cost!


 *Virtual set up/training included. Optional in-office installation…..$2000