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Making the selection of digital imaging dental technology for your practice’s locale is a defining decision. Having the right equipment allows you to better serve patients with ease and accuracy. Video Dental provides our clients with professional digital imaging dental equipment to that helps improve the diagnostic and examination process. Video Dental is a trusted developer, manufacturer, and distributor of high end dental digital imaging tools; our company is continually working toward improvement. Our digital imaging dental technicians take all general and industry specific technological advances into consideration and work to implement improvements toward our existing technology as well as for the creation of new and better digital imaging dental tools. There are two methods to choose from when looking into dental radiography, x-ray sensors (direct) and Phosphor plates/PSP (indirect); Video Dental distributes both in order to offer the perfect solution to the dentistry professionals we serve no matter what the size or scope of their practice location may be.
We have been respected contenders within the dental imaging industry for over twenty-five years. During this time we have introduced various forms of hardware and software for the use of dental imaging and management. Our company’s main goal is to provide the best technology possible to dental professionals at an economical price point. Our team at Video Dental understands that as we make better and better products that we help increase productivity for all the professionals that we provide service to. This benefits everyone involved in the process from doctor to patient because it means money saved on both ends. For dental practices, it means a proficient way of obtaining and relaying patient information. For patients, it means a highly reliable and efficient method of seeing problem areas that their dentists are pointing out.
Rayscan Alpha Plus
The Rayscan Alpha Plus is a high-quality panoramic 3D CBCT system. Video Dental is proud to offer some of the best digital imaging dental technology out on the market. The Rayscan Alpha Plus offers enhanced processing capabilities for high definition quality of dental images. This piece of machinery is highly reliable and accurate. You can operate it with ease using its intuitive touchscreen user interface. Orthodontists, oral surgeons, as well as other dental specialists love the Rayscan for its adjustive focus and industry leading resolution.The Rayscan offers valuable features like users:

  • LED guidance light (first in the industry)
  • Flexible rotation capabilities
  • Powerful & easy to use software
  • A convenient wireless remote
  • Column height
  • Mobile device accessible data

About Video Dental
Our company came into formation in 1989. We have been regarded as industry leaders since our inception because of our co-partnered introduction of the industry’s first intraoral camera. Our team of digital imaging dental technology innovators is continuously working to ameliorate any blemishes that they feel could be refined into better or even completely new and unique technological products. Our aim is to provide the best digital imaging dental products possible for all dentistry specialists looking to integrate state of the art technology to their practice. Contact us at Video Dental for help placing an order or any questions regarding our digital imaging dental technology.

Digital Imaging Dental

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