Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors

If you are searching for the right digital dental X-ray sensors for your dental office, then you are in the right place. Video Dental has developed a dental X-ray sensor comparison that makes it easy to compare the sensors we have to that of our competitors. We are proud of the innovative dental imaging equipment we design and distribute to dental offices worldwide. Dental radiography is something we have been involved in since digital dental X-ray sensors were first developed in 1989. Coupled with our intraoral cameras, new anesthesia equipment, and the other products we provide (at affordable prices), it is easy to see why we continue to be leaders in our field. Take a look at the digital dental X-ray sensors comparison below and decide for yourself.

Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors Comparison

  • Category / QuickRay** / UniRay HD** / Dentimax / Dexis / XDR / Carestream (Kodak)
  • Chip Material / CMOS** / CMOS** / CMOS / CMOS / CMOS / CMOS
  • Leading Image Quality / Yes** / Yes** / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
  • Cut Corners / Yes** / Yes** / Yes / Yes / Yes / No
  • Replaceable Cord / Yes** / No** / Yes / No / Yes / No
  • “Boxless” / Yes** / Yes** / Yes / Yes /Yes / No (Box built on cord)
  • Standard Software / Quickimage** / Quickimage** / Dentimax Imaging / Dexis Imaging / XDR Software / Kodak Dental Imaging (KDIS)
  • Independent Software / Yes (Apteryx)** / Yes (Apteryx)** / Yes (Apteryx) / No (Danaher) / No (XDR) / No (Kodak)
  • Universal Software (Other Device Compatibility) / Yes** / Yes** / Yes / Limited / Yes / No
  • Other Software Compatibility / Yes** / DenalEye & MiPACS only** / Yes /  DentalEye only / Yes / Yes
  • Windows Compatibility / 7, 8, 10** / 7, 8, 10** / 7, 8 / 7, 8 / 7, 8
  • Mac Compatibility / Yes** / No** / Yes / No / Yes /  No
  • Company History / Est. 1989** / Est. 1989** / na / Est. 1998 / Est. 2002 / Trophy -> Kodak -> Carestream

Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors | Video Dental Difference

Although our products are widely considered the best available in the industry, there are three things that truly set us apart from our competitors: Price, Warranty, & Support
The price of our dental X-ray sensors is not only competitive when compared to the other available options, but in fact offers the best overall value. Our clients not only save hundreds of dollars, but they also enjoy the benefits of our support and warranty options. Price Request
Every one of our dental equipment comes with a support team that is there for you. If you need help setting anything up, have user-related questions, need assistance with technical issues, or anything else, we are there for you! You can contact our award-winning customer service and technical support staff via phone, email, or live chat, or support ticket available on our website.
The QuickRay and UniRay HD warranty includes a 2-Year “In Warranty” and 7-Year “Out of Warranty” Replacement Plan.
For more information about any products discussed in this article or to view our warranty options in full, Contact Video Dental. And be sure to read more of our articles related to intraoral cameras, new anesthesia equipment, and dental Xray sensors.
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Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors

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