Digital Dental Radiography

Choosing the ideal digital dental radiography procedures for your practice is a crucial decision that should be considered carefully.  Having the right dental imaging equipment and techniques in place will improve patient workflow and profits at the same time.  With technological advances in dental imaging, Digital Dental Radiography is continually evolving while incorporating the latest technologies.  Digital dental radiography utilizes two distinct technologies, direct (x-ray sensors) and indirect (Phosphor Plates or PSP).  Both methods have pros and cons depending on the size and scope of your dental practice.
Digital dental radiography utilizing x-ray sensors is rapidly becoming the most popular choice for dental imaging.  X-ray sensors are connected directly to a computer thru a USB port and render the dental images in three seconds.  Photostimulable Phosphor Plates (PSP Plate) incorporates plates that are radiated and then scanned digitally into a computer.  Without a doubt, digital dental radiography is much more efficient and faster than traditional x-ray film.  Digital Dental Radiography bypasses the need for any harsh film processing chemicals and also reduces radiation exposure.  One of the most positive aspects of Digital Dental Radiography is the ability to digitally transfer and enhance your dental imaging.  Long gone are the days of having massive storage areas for new and used photographic film plus their bulky processings supplies.  The installation of computers and a network is a strategic investment in high technology which will add value to your dental practice.
Remember that traditional photographic film is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and carries the burden of long processing times with costly film related supplies.  Once your dental images are developed using film you cannot enhance the images.  Robust dental imaging software is widely available in the marketplace today.  Newer dental imaging software is ideal for correcting over and underexposure and comes equipped with automatic image processing techniques that enhance a variety of common dental scenarios.  Digital Dental Radiography allows for an immediate and more precise diagnosis when you can enhance (magnify, sharpen, colorize, or display as a negative) your dental imaging.
Dental Imaging Software permits immediate viewing and optimization techniques while not altering the original dental image.  In addition to the diagnosis, a digital dental radiography system also plays a great role in the treatment plan.  Emphasizing and highlighting target regions can be done by superimposing dental images from patient visits over time.  This dental imaging process will easily define areas of progress and concern more effectively.  Digital Dental Radiography allows for patient x-rays to be stored individually in a each patient’s digital file.  Digital Dental Radiography allows both x-ray sensors and phosphor plates the ability to truly harness the powerful dental imaging software available today.  Seeing patient changes over any time period allows for easier recognition of common dental ailments.  Movement of teeth, bone growth or loss and the detection of minute variations for cosmetic or restoration procedures, fillings, or root canals is what puts Dental Radiography far ahead of its film only predecessor.
At first glance digital dental radiography appears to have a higher initial investment.  The cost effective nature of dental radiography does not take long before the ROI far surpasses the cost associated with film development and storage alone.  Time is money and the speed factor is not questionable while image quality is also far superior for dental radiography.
Digital Dental Radiography Pluses

  • Time & Speed
  • Not Labor Intensive
  • Transfer of Dental Imaging Across Multiple Platforms
  • Elimination of Costly Film Processing Chemicals
  • Elimination of Storage Space for Film and Related Supplies
  • Image Clarity & Quality
  • Much Lower Radiation Exposure
  • Increased Diagnostic Proficiency
  • Working in Tandem with Powerful Dental Imaging Software

Digital Dental Radiography

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