Digital Dental Radiography Systems

Radiography is a fundamental diagnostic tool in dentistry for a number of reasons. Digital dental radiography systems have helped to advance the dental x-ray imaging capabilities available to dentists and dental professionals.
Digital dental x-ray machines help to deliver a better diagnosis by delivering improved dental x-ray images to reveal hidden oral defects. As opposed to their x-ray film predecessors, digital dental radiography systems allow dentists and dental x-ray imaging technicians to have immediate access to the radiographic images they take.
In today’s day and age, all modern dental offices, dental groups, and dental centers around the world routinely depend on their digital dental radiography systems to provide the best experience possible for their patients. Keep reading to explore some of the advantages of digital dental radiography systems.

Benefits Of Digital Dental Radiography Systems

The most obvious benefit to using digital dental x-ray imaging systems is improving access to the images. Because the patient’s x-ray images are now digitized (as opposed to the traditional x-ray film), the x-ray images are immediately accessible on most modern devices capable of displaying an image.
This means being able to use a smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, television, or almost any other device capable of connecting to the dental x-ray system to instantly view the captured images. It also allows for an easier transfer process as digital images are able to be sent from one device to the next.

  • Improved Documentation Management
  • Better Diagnosis Capabilities
  • Easier File Sharing
  • Instant Image Viewing

Another primary advantage to using digital dental imaging systems is the sufficient reduction in exposure to harmful radiation for both the dentist and patient. Rather than the high exposure of film radiographic images, capturing digital x-ray images of the teeth and gums has significantly less health risks.

Types Of Digital Dental Radiography Systems

Digital x-ray imaging can be achieved by using a variety of different dental x-ray machines and systems. Each of the different types of digital dental imaging machines is uniquely useful and designed to be best utilized in ideal conditions.
The options to achieve digital x-ray imaging include:

  • Digital Intraoral X-Ray Sensors
  • 2D Digital Panoramic X-ray Machines
  • 2D Digital Cephalometric X-ray Machines
  • 3D Dental Cone Beam Machines
  • Digital X-Ray Imaging Software

Most modern dental offices choose to utilize more than one of these and depend on an integrated approach to truly deliver the best dental services possible. For instance, oral complications found in the initial intraoral x-ray imaging process can later be viewed in higher detail after having digital x-ray imaging software enhance the radiographic image for improved diagnostics.
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Digital Dental Radiography Systems