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With continual advances made in the dental industry, there are numerous resources for the facilitation of the practice for professionals. With so many options it may seem like a daunting task when attempting to select the perfect addition to your locale’s set of tools. Video Dental is a trusted developer of high-quality digital dental imaging technology. We have been leaders within our industry since our company’s inception when we released the first intra-oral camera in partnership with ETS Group Optical Corporation (French Company) and Panasonic’s Camera Division.
We have been continuously serving the dental industry as technology innovators and suppliers for over two and a half decades. As one of the leading dental imaging equipment developers, our company’s main focus is the improvement of our existing products and the introduction of new and better technology for the betterment of the industry as a whole. Some of the digital dental imaging products we provide include:

  • Wireless & Traditional Intraoral Cameras
  • Dental Management Software
  • Quickray X-Ray Sensors
  • X-Ray Generators
  • Panoramic 3D CBCT
  • Bite Blocks & Positioners
  • Dental Imaging Software

Quickray X-Ray Technology
Our Quickray x-ray sensors are among the best digital dental imaging products on the market. These kits are one of the most multifaceted and utilitarian pieces of technology for dentists. Video Dental’s Quickray x-ray sensor kits are compatible with both Mac and PC computers meaning that no matter what platform you prefer to use in your practice’s location you can easily integrate our technology to it. Quickray x-ray sensors provide a highly effective and advantageous alternative to traditional film sensors. Get high-quality images that you can share with your patients with no waiting on the development of a film.
Dental Intraoral Camera
Video Dental has a wide array of digital dental imaging technology and software for the application of a variety of dentistry specialists’ practices. Our dental intraoral cameras are one of the most convenient tools for the diagnosis problems such as tooth decay, fractures, and alignment analysis. If you are looking for the easiest method of examining your patients’ teeth with the most detailed method available then our intraoral cameras are an invaluable instrument. Dental intraoral camera technology works with the same concept in mind as traditional hand mirrors that are used in dental offices. The intraoral cameras we can provide you with will take high-resolution photos of the areas you need to examine then display them on a monitor of your choosing. This allows you to zoom into the images you captured, and enhance the pictures for better viewing purposes.
The Dental Trade Alliance
Video Dental is an active member of the Dental Trade Association. The DTA is a conglomeration of companies that help make contributions to the dentistry industry as providers of dental equipment, technology, and accessories to all oral care professionals. The Dental Trade Association’s main purpose serves to link together individuals and information directly related to dentistry specialists. They are an authority for the dental industry as a whole and help provide various tools for the success and growth of dentistry supply and technology companies.
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