Dental X-Ray Sensors

Let Video Dental help your dental practice be more efficient purchasing and using Dental X-Ray Sensors.  When purchasing Dental X-Ray Sensors you should heavily consider price, quality, quantity and warranty.  QuickRay Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors are easily the most economical choice, considering Gendex Dental X-Ray Sensors and Schick Dental X-Ray Sensors carry an absurd price tag that ranges from $8k to $12k per Dental X-Ray Sensor.  QuickRay Dental X-Ray Sensors are half the cost with the same dental imaging quality and capabilities.  
QuickRay Dental X-Ray sensors also have the strongest warranty for the dental imaging industry.  A 2 year warranty against defects and a 7 year no annual fee replacement plan for accidental damage.  Ambiguities are not an issue when it comes to the warranties on our Dental X-Ray Sensors.  Purchasing from Video Dental will give your dental practice the assurance it needs with our seven year replacement no yearly fee or enrollment fee required.  Dental X-Ray Sensors
Determining how many Dental X-Ray Sensors your practice will require should not be overly complicated.  A common trait of many Dental X-Ray Sensor manufacturers and sales reps is to over sell and give you far too many.  For example, if you have five separate dental hygiene rooms working at full capacity with 5 dental hygienists at the same time, then having only two dental x-ray sensors may create log jams.  Another scenario to consider when moving Dental X-Ray Sensors from room to room is that they are more susceptible to wear and tear and accidental damage.  Having spares is a wise practice but only after you determine how many units your dental practice will require under peak workloads. 
If you choose Video Dental for your digital radiography dental imaging needs you will lessen any financial burden due to damage and improve efficiency at the same time.  Video Dental has a complete support staff that will help you with any of our intraoral cameras and x-ray sensors.  A full patient exam should be done in under five minutes per dental patient.  All of our dental imaging products including x-ray sensors and intraoral cameras are FDA UDI compliant.  Many dental practices try to cut corners where they can, but buying inferior dental imaging products from China is never your best bet.  We take great pride in our workmanship and proudly boast many awards of distinction each year.  Most recently “QuickCam DUO Selected as a CR BEST Product for 2017” by Clinicians Report. CR Foundation is well respected in the dental community.  
Occasionally Dental X-Ray Sensors will fail prematurely even with precautionary handling.  Although the most common failures are related to accidents and improper handling.  You can lessen damage from accidents by having a set of procedures in place for your x-ray sensors and intraoral cameras.  Wire management is by far the area most prone to damage.  Having the wire in front of the hygienist so that it is highly visible will reduce stepping on and over which will increase your chance of a tripping incident.  Ducking under the wire should never be done.  Having holders for your x-ray sensors and intraoral cameras is imperative.  A six inch USB extender will reduce terminal wear and tear.  Loosely kept wires dangling from trays and baskets is commonplace in many dental practices.  Speed and efficiency is the overall goal, but tripping and getting caught up in the web of wire will only decrease your overall speed while increasing the cost of buying a new one from accidental damage.  Avoid power surges by not leaving your x-ray sensors plugged in while not being used.
Video Dental has an established system for dental imaging with no hidden cost and honest pricing with the strongest warranties in the dental imaging industry.  Call if you have any concerns related to your dental imaging needs.  Dental X-Ray Sensors, Intraoral Cameras, X-Ray Generators, Bitewings & Biteblocks, Panoramic Dental X-Rays (2D, 3D, Pan, Ceph, CBCT), Dental Imaging Software, Dental Practice Management Software.

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Dental X-Ray Sensors

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