Dental X Ray Sensor Repair

Video Dental Concepts has been serving the dental industry as a dental digital imaging technology specialists for almost three decades. We can provide you with expert dental X ray sensor repair, replacement, or upgrade. Over the years we have grown to be the among the most dependable and economical dental sensor provider. Dental imaging technology is continually advancing. The constant evolution of photography capabilities allows the imaging technology to progress with it. A digital Intraoral sensor is one of the most valuable and useful tools within a dentist’s office. We understand the importance of having a trusted service provider for your industry’s technology.
Our experts at Video Dental Concepts provide dental X Ray sensor repair for your trusted dental technology. We understand the importance of having working digital imaging technology in your dental facility and the worry that can arise if your tech begins to fail. We at Video Dental Concepts want to help ease the trepidation behind dental technology and give you and your practice a breath of relief. Video Dental Concepts is confident that we can provide you with the best digital imaging technology available, and provide you with you adept dental X ray repair services. Some of the dental technology we carry includes:

Dental Imaging equipment has improved tremendously throughout the years. Photographic film was the only way to capture an image when the technology was first introduced. The problems associated with this technology were the price point and long processing time that came with developing the images. Having an image you could examine and enhance instantly was unheard of. Today these are industry standards for your imaging equipment. We are trusted dental technology developers,  manufacturers, and have been proudly providing our customers with care and the best services we can offer for over 25 years.
Our adept team of dental tech specialists can assist you with just about any error or malfunction that you have encountered with your dental imaging technology. We are confident that our systems engineers can help get your technology repaired quickly and proficiently.
Video Dental Concepts helped contribute to the inception of dental imaging technology as a co-developer. Our team of skilled technicians worked with Panasonic’s Camera Division and ETS Group Optical corporation to bring the first intra-oral camera to the market in 1989. Since that first great technological feat, we have worked to improve existing and develop new, cutting-edge dental technology.
Video Dental Concepts works to provide our customer base with digital imaging tools that will compete with the best-advertised imaging technology advertised at a more competitive price point. We are dental imaging technology developers, manufacturers, and distributors. We extend professional dental X ray sensor repair services; turn to the seasoned experts. Contact us at Video Dental Concepts today to speak with one our dental technology industry experts. We are confident we can address your needs in a timely fashion while providing you with the customer service you deserve.

Dental X Ray Sensor Repair

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